Valigara updates September 2013

Our programmers do a very hard work, and the updates come so quickly we don’t always have time to post them. ūüôā

Here is another set of Valigara September improvements:

  • Improved/reworked: Orders edit page
    • products tables design
    • better logic for¬†adding product to order,¬†now products can be added to order in all statuses not only in ordered status!
  • Improved: fancy extractor (reseller¬†¬†price is now taken from client’s xml)
  • Improved: products export for proper description exporting
  • Improved: ebay auction block logic
  • Improved: PayPal integration
  • Improved: when single item is sold it is automatically¬†marked as not for sale
  • Fixed: etsy mass remove and mass post for single products¬†

¬†Enjoy and stay updated, there are many new great features to come! ūüôā


  • sell jewelry and diamonds on eBay
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    Optimizing your jewelry visibility on eBay with Item Specifics

Optimizing your jewelry visibility on eBay with Item Specifics

what is eBay Item Specifics We at¬†Valigara¬†are often asked why we so much insist on filling all¬†Item specifics¬†of the jewelry item on eBay. Why is it so important? How does it help in winning the buyer’s attention and competing with other thousands beautiful jewelry items on eBay?

First,¬†ignoring the Item specifics lowers item’s visibility on eBay. How? The thing is,¬†
Item specifics¬†are used by eBay to create the left side search selectors. Imaging the common eBay user searching for “925 silver ring” keyword. This search will bring hundreds of thousands results. To specify more requirements, buyers use the left side menu. and most importatnt, the information for the left side menu is taken by eBay machines from the Item specifics. Which means, if your jewelry misses an important Item specific, let’s say “Ring size” , “Material”, “Condition” etc., it will simply disappear from buyers’ results list! The visibility boost seen by the correct usage of Item Specifics is counted by hundreds of percents. ¬†

 Second, is of course, the Best Match algorithm considerations.

Lot was said about optimizing eBay item for visibility in Best Match algorithm.¬†Here is a simple and important observation.¬†¬†Taking a look at ebay’s “Search expansion” might explain a lot. ¬†What is¬†“Search expansion”?¬†Except of matching search keywords directly to what one writes in item title, eBay uses ¬†“Search expansion”, to match additional results to search query.¬†There are three types […]

eBay announces eBay For Business Facebook and Twitter pages

eBay has recently started eBay For Business Facebook and Twitter pages. The pages are meant to become an interactive channel for eBay sellers , to provide the latest information, tools, tips and support for sellers on eBay.


Considering the amount of changes and updates introduced by eBay following these pages seems be a right idea! Especially dealing with such a competitive niche as selling jewelry on eBay, the right and updated information can become the advantage, that will let your jewelry outstand in eBay “Best match” algorithm and lead to the desired visibility boost and finally better sales.¬†

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