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    Valigara updates – big news in Orders, Online Catalog, and more!

Valigara updates – big news in Orders, Online Catalog, and more!

More fixes that did not make it to the previous post (they come more quickly than we post them)… 

First, Valigara Orders module became much smarter and agile, with new actions for sold products. From now you can handle each specific order more correctly, and immediately decide the sold item’s presence online. Once approved, the action will influence your jewelry and, metals, gemstones and all other raw materials stock. For each sold jewelry item in the order,  You can decide if to:

    • repost the sold product on the marketplace or not,
    • edit the jewelry (for instance, if your ring was sold on Etsy in rose gold instead of yellow gold)
    • remove the jewelry from all marketplaces
    • or simply ignore the sale.

And many other updates that make your jewelry sell online better:

  • Diamond data can be easily inserted in ebay/etsy templates
  • Support for metal purity parameter! The catalog page has now metal purity for each metal, also added search product by metal purity
  • Shipping profiles were added to Valigara Online jewelry catalog . This is to help you work more efficiently with your returning customers, especially if you use Valigara’s Online Jewelry Catalog for you your wholesale business.
  • Ebay module allows now up to 12 product images posted to Ebay

We keep working, stay updated for more!.. 

  • Valigara Online Jewelry News
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    Valigara updates – bulk Etsy operations, updated product page, eBay mass post for auctions and more!

Valigara updates – bulk Etsy operations, updated product page, eBay mass post for auctions and more!

We keep working full-time, with large plans and lots of fun. 🙂

Some of recent updates in Valigara system


  1. We are glad to introduce the updated and much more convenient product page. We re-ordered the product fields according to your priorities and requests, now it is much easier to view and edit. 
  2. To save some workplace, we have added an option to hide the side menu. See more on one screen!
  3. Now products stay visible in orders, even if deleted from the system. With all selling information: title, selling price, and even large picture.  This way you will have your history kept, with no limitation to your current catalog. 
  4. Working with Etsy became easier:
    1. Several bulk operations for etsy were added: 
    2. Etsy listings renew
    3. Etsy tags on edit mode are now better ordered, also the product page tags were sorted more intuitively
  5. Large tables handling – we have added a very useful horizontal scroller and floating header that stays visible on 100 rows display. This allows much easier viewing of details, when you want to inspect many columns at the same screen. 
  6. Gallery view for your PDF catalogs: optimal for quick visual search.
  7. Products images quick deletion – just to make simple things simple 🙂
  8. The Dashboard becomes more interactive, allowing you to reach the exact items


  1. Items multi-selection in Inventory management, to allow bulk operations.
  2. Ebay mass post for auctions – now all product auctions are posted , not limited by the number
  3. Picture thumbnail is enlarged to big picture when you mouse-over it. This way you can see exact details of your jewelry if […]

Valigara updates September 2013 – part 2

“Fresh cookies! Who wants a cookie?”  🙂

First of all, after lots of preparations, tests, logistics and work Valigara moved to new faster servers! Horray! How much faster? So much faster that some operations take now less than 1% of time it would take before the migration!.. This will allow us dramatically improves the response time, introduce lots of new features, and add the general security level. We keep up establishing the best platform to our growing clients base and  ensuring the best user experience during your work! 

Our software department keeps on doing great work! See some latest additions to the Valigara interface

  • Orders / clients selection
    • Improved: client history filter – added ability to select few client types
    • Improved: Orders page: added sort by name/tracking number, due date format fix
    • Improved: Orders export to Excel – now works also for selected orders, not only for all orders
    • Fixed: Client Edit buttons location sometimes got misarranged
    • Improved: Etsy Orders with products that include variations are now properly saved in system
  • General
    • Improved: Batch operations were optimized and enhanced
    • Added: forgot password option on login screen
    • Added: browsers compatibility list on login page
  • Channels selection:
    • Improved: eBay listings search filter – all inputs are now at the same width
    • Improved: now in Etsy templates you can use additional fields short codes.
    • Fixed: Etsy Listings Filter Layout, Orders List’s layout
    • Fixed and improved: Rapnet post for proper item info
    • Improved: Etsy/Ebay design templates additional fields are now taken according to order set on Additional fields page 
    • Improved: Listings page, now it option batch for single item is set in lisitngs page batch will start also for single […]
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