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    13 tips for creating the perfect eBay product page for your jewelry

13 tips for creating the perfect eBay product page for your jewelry

Selling jewelry on eBay has includes many aspects. How to make your listings stand out in high competition? How to optimize your eBay jewelry store cross-selling? How to adjust your items to the Best Match algorithm? How to find your customers on eBay? These and many other are the key to making your jewelry be seen and sold.

But at the end – your buyer finishes in your jewelry product page. And it’s this page where he makes the decision if to buy your jewelry or not…This is why, your eBay listing page template is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. In this post we will pass the obvious technological requirements, such as page responsiveness, the correct page width, compliance with No Active Content and other eBay requirements, and will only concentrate on the conceptual design issues.

What are the basic elements of the eBay jewelry template?eBay product page design tips

  1. Item title
  2. Technical parameters of the jewelry
  3. Item description
  4. Photo and video gallery
  5. Information tabs – such as “About us”, “Shipping information”, “Returns policy”, “Payment methods”, “Contact information”
  6. Visual and textual information about the deal – f.i. “Elegant gift box”, “Free worldwide shipping,” “Re-sizing of the jewelry”
  7. Information on the possible customization – sizes, metals, gemstone variations etc.
  8. Service information and other trust-builders

Following are the tips for the effective eBay product page template for your jewelry:

  1. First things first. Put the most important […]
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    Valigara news – eBay mapping, Zap, eBay feedbacks, Scheduler, Posting Tolerance and more!

Valigara news – eBay mapping, Zap, eBay feedbacks, Scheduler, Posting Tolerance and more!

It feels really great to summarize this month. .. Our development statistic has reached a fantastic number of 149 (!) additions, improvements, reworks  and fixes! We are thrilled to see how new abilities are added together with the expansion of our system in the jewelers’ community.

We have selected only the most important updates, to keep you in tune with this amazing progress…




Better support for multiple stores.
Better support for local marketplaces, including categories, item specifics, shipping profiles and more (BTW Australia becomes more and more interesting!)
Added eBay Selling Limits view
More awareness and alerts to avoid the Duplicate listings situation in your store.
Introduced the new eBay “Style” item specific support in import / export.

On the Etsy side we concentrated on better Tags management, as tags become even more important in Etsy’s search engine.


eBay mappings
eBay mappings come to drastically shorten the time, required for posting jewelry to eBay. Mappings define the default relation between the Valigara’s local fields and different eBay values. By introducing Mappings, Valigara enables to post items with different parameters , and into different eBay store categories, at one time. So, if you have 10 store categories at your eBay store, mapping decreases the desired work by 10 immediately! And if
“Item specifics mapping”.
This mapping allows to define the relation between the local fields and eBay category item specifics. Which Valigara fields will be used to fill automatically each Item specific in each eBay category in future posts/relists of your jewelry.
For example, user can define that for the “Metal Purity” […]

Magento is here!

Clearly, the dedicated jewelry eCommerce website is an important component of your online presence and long-lasting business. Magento is one of the most popular platforms for creation of powerful, features-reach eCommerce websites. This is why we are ready to present the  Magento integration with Valigara!

Valigara synchronizes with Magento by installing the free Magento extension in your website. After the synchronization process is complete, Valigara extension allows to automatically (or manually) upload products into Magento website catalog, including

– Products information and pictures

– determine the imported jewelry visibility on your Magento website (hidden, searchable, visible in catalog etc.)

– manage Magento store categories

– pull the information about website orders into Valigara 

This synchronization completes the full circle of online sales for jewelry business. From first sales and creation of the initial clients base on the major marketplaces (such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Bonanza etc), through engagement on social networks and media (Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr etc), the proprietary website is an ultimate place to empower your brand, create most effective custom sales process, and create highest revenue levels by working with existing returning customers, both retail and wholesale.

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