“Why is the expedited delivery of my jewelry so important?” We often hear this question. As the shipping  is one of the most important ingredients of the jewellery eCommerce, let’s clarify few things.

So you sell your jewelry on eBay, Amazon, Etsy , or any other channel, maybe your website too. Every one is telling you that accurate shipping is one of the most important parameters for online marketplaces. Why?
Let’s get back to the basics of eCommerce psychology. Think for a moment about your buyer. What is the main difference from selling your jewelry in a local store? First, the buyer does not buy the real product. He buys an idea of a product, a promise of a product. Second, he has no real person in front of him, only the computer screen. And third, he pays before anything is done by the seller. Scary, isn’t it?
The goal of all online marketplaces is to assure that the deal goes perfect. Because if your buyer is not happy with the purchase he blames not only the seller but the marketplace too. “I bought a ring on eBay, and it arrived not as described”. “I ordered the golden necklace on Amazon, and it took eternity before it arrived!” And so on, and so on. So the marketplace does it’s best to make sure that buyer gets the best of the deal.
When does the buyer feel most uncomfortable? From the moment he has […]