Jewelry eCommerce – Boost online store sales with quick-sellers

We’re often asked how to start selling jewelry on the major marketplace. How to penetrate marketplaces with thousands of successful, experienced sellers? There are many techniques for this, and now I want to talk about one specific technique which we often use and which proves itself very well. We’re talking about quick-sellers, the items that run your business forward. What are quick-sellers? Simply, these are products that will be sold quickly.

The mechanics of marketplace search algorithms

What is the importance of these quick-sellers in your online store? It’s important to remember that every marketplace has some search algorithm behind it. So when the potential buyer searches for items on eBay, the search results will be sorted by eBay in some way. Which means the eBay’s “Best match” algorithm decides which items should be shown first. It’s the same evaluation approach like in every search engine algorithm, in every marketplace.

Once we think about it, it’s clear that  that these search algorithms need some measurable parameters. And what can be the measurable parameters? Of course, if we have some item on the marketplace, if we have exactly the same item, and one is cheaper than another, it’s easy. The marketplace will try to push this cheaper item because there is more chance that this item will be sold. But things are much […]