Valigara New Features webinar summary – April 2017

Yesterday we had the our April’s “Valigara New Features Monthly” webinar.

The webinar is available on Youtube:

Following are the new features we discussed:

Marketplace management:
– Etsy Attributes support
– Posting / revising : Price field separated from Format to allow revising of different formats together
– Revising: “Keep unchange” option enabled for single product revise (eBy, Etsy, Amazon)
– Revising: if set “Keep unchange”, the manually edited on the marketplace values are not overridden (eBy, Etsy)
– eBay / Etsy / Amazon listings & activity log pages: search by design template added

Inventory management & Jewelry Data management:
– Full product search in Models
– Copy data for Gemstones
– Apply random title generator when creating content
– Variations fields: select value per channel

– UX:
– Standatized drops-downs lists
– Auto-complete in drop-down menus

Enjoy selling!

Valigara Team

Logistics and Fulfilment for Online Jewelry Sales

Today we are going to talk about logistics in jewelry eCommerce. Why is it important? We often see people – we call them “technologists” – who say “I have created the best template for eBay. I have researched all the eBay item specifics and put everything into place. I have performed some analytics on best keywords on Etsy and I have copy-pasted the most successful bullets on Amazon listing, and my items do not sell.” The mistake, in this case, is that selling jewelry online is not only about the technology of online sales, but include the whole spectrum of business ingredients. Understanding the most important ingredients in selling jewelry online is critical. And logistics and fulfillment is definitely one of them.

Logistics and jewelry eCommerce

Imagine that you have the best jewelry product, you know your niche inside out and you know that your sourcing is good enough to beat the competition in the marketplace. But it is still not enough. Except for the product itself, you have to prepare it in the correct way for your clients and for your business. We see the three main parameters of this product preparation:

  • Technology – knowing how to sell jewelry online
  • Customer service – being able to maintain the correct sales and service operation
  • Logistics – handling the physical movement of your jewelry between you and your client

These 3 ingredients provide the foundation for your online sales. If you want to sell your beautiful jewelry online, you have to […]

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Jewelry Online?

What does it take to sell online? What does it cost to sell online? Eventually, the first thing is the cost of your products, producing your jewelry, which is all-important. Let us take, for example, digital products where you basically have no cost of the product itself in terms of materials. For jewelry, that the fact that we are selling online plays a crucial role. What is the difference between selling online and offline?

In an offline scenario, you have to produce the jewelry before you sell it, which means that you have to invest in all the materials. Diamond or fine jewelry can be rather expensive, and at the end, you will find yourself having quite an upmarket store. When it comes to online selling the key difference lies in the fact that we receive the money or the obligation from our customer to buy the product before it is even produced. How does it happen? Basically, what we sell online is photos and videos. Information. Whether we have the completed piece of jewelry or we are at the stage of production, once we have the model of the jewelry, we can start selling it. How do we use it while providing a good service? We simply solve it with longer shipping and handling time.

Meaning, if I do not have a ready jewelry piece in front of me, I can assure the potential customers that it will be shipped in a few weeks period (or […]

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