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    Etsy Studio – good news for gemstones and diamonds industry

Etsy Studio – good news for gemstones and diamonds industry

Etsy has lately introduced the Etsy Studio – the dedicated marketplace for craft supplies. This is an interesting and encouraging move. Being a DIY-positioned marketplace, till now Etsy had to keep craft supplies stores, including gemstones, diamonds and beads suppliers, in the shadow. With that, almost 60% of the top 1000 Etsy stores are in crafts supply industry. With the introduction of Studio, Etsy creates a legitimate place for craft suppliers, which allows Etsy to take a park in the massive, professional wholesale trade with more harmony.

This are especially good news for the diamonds and gemstones manufacturers and suppliers. Historically, Etsy is a strong marketplace for jewelry, having about 25% of stores in all kinds or fashion, fine and diamond jewelry. Naturally, gemstones and diamond manufacturers always wanted to join the party and offer their products to this great jewellers community. Till now, it was not easy, because Etsy did not actively encourage the presence of craft supply manufacturers. Sales of diamonds, semi precious and precious gemstones stayed low, relatively to jewelry sales.

We hope that the introduction of Etsy Studio will allow Etsy to grow into more established channel for selling high end, semi-precious, precious gemstones and diamonds. Time will show if this move will allow Etsy to successfully follow the Amazon strategy of introducing more specialized markets, targeting different kind of sellers and audiences. We wish success to this new beginning by Etsy, so that diamond and gemstones manufacturers […]

eBay No Active Content requirements and questions

If anyone ever thought that the eBay No Active Content introduction will go smooth, well.. Now we get the formal approvals it is not. Means listings are being removed from marketplace, in some case with an email bearng not-so-nice Subject in your inbox:

“Your eBay selling privileges have been temporarily restricted: Inappropriate Links”

Not nice at all.

We understand eBay wants to make sure everyone works by the rules, and we fully support this! With that, after implementing dozens of new templates and trying different forms of implementations we know the following:

  • There is still no formal solution for the Youtube videos when Replacing Active Content on eBay.
  • These are the recommendations are sent when your listing is removed from eBay:

First of all, please ensure to upload the video in YouTube and follow the below steps:
– Click the Share link under the video.
– Click the Embed link.
– Copy the code provided in the expanded box.
– Check the box that says “Use old embed code.” If you don?t do this, the video won?t work.
– Paste the code into your listing description text box in Details section underneath HTML tab.

This would be nice if it wouldn’t be disabled on YouTube somewhere in 2014… 🙂

  • Direct links are still considered violation even that are included in the list of approved websites in eBay’s Links policy.
  • Our latest interesting thing to find out was that eBay wants all href links to have target=”_blank” on their <a> tags. This even makes sense as it means that the browser tab with the […]

Valigara adds Segoma video integration

Selling diamonds online requires high quality images of the product. Buying diamond includes very in-depth inspection of it, and 360 imaging plays very important role in the sales process.

Valigara is glad to add support for new type of videos: Segoma Imaging – provider of advanced technological photography solutions for the diamond world, and enables the online linking of photos to its Internet e-commerce platform. Segoma videos can be now used in all Valigara channels together with Youtube and Vimeo videos.

Enjoy selling!

Valigara Team


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