What makes Jewelry eCommerce different?

Specializing in software for jewelry eCommerce we at Valigara are often asked, why we are “limiting” ourself to this specific  industry. What is special in jewelry and diamonds eCommerce? What is it different from other industries? What special knowledge does it require to sell jewelry onlineIs the market hard to reach? How can ROI and sales productivity be improved?  These are some answers to these questions, and general knowledge on the jewelry eCommerce today. 

Jewelry eCommerce Uniqueness

It is quite regular thinking for  the e-commerce people saying that whatever eCommerce experience they had before in other industries, they will be able to succeed in jewelry and diamonds eCommerce as well. Be it electronics or real estate, most eCommerce people imply that sales principles apply equally to any product.

From our experience, it is much more sophisticated than that. In many ways, selling jewelry online is a different and unique process. Let us go through some of the most important aspects that will help you get a better idea of how online jewelry sales work and what makes it different from the e-commerce in other industries.

Standardized vs. unique products

First, an essential concept about jewelry is that it is a unique, not standardized product. This means, that the potential buyer does not precisely know what he is buying. Each jewelry piece or model is different. Even if there are hundreds of sellers offering the  most popular “1 carat G/VS2 white gold diamond engagement ring size 7” on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Sears or […]

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    Best selling sterling silver jewellery online – myth or reality?

Best selling sterling silver jewellery online – myth or reality?

This question, which we were asked on Quora,  is very important. With that, providing an answer with specific names, specs and prices would be simply misleading. For many reasons, and here are some.

1. Online jewelry sales are seasonal, and so the best sold products too. Same jewelry working perfectly in Christmas would be simply irrelevant in July on Father’s Day, or on another occasion.

2. Trends and buyers behavior changes, and so the demand for specific jewelry. There is no guarantee that the same jewelry will be relevant after 3 years. Of course there are some very classic jewelry designs (for example heart or cross pendants, flower stud earrings etc). But this would be a totally wrong strategy to build your jewelry eCommerce strategy on permanent collections in your online jewelry store.

3. Every sales channel has its own uniqueness. There is no such thing as “items good for jewelry eCommerce”. Jewelry for your website is different from external marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Sears etc), and from jewelry you will sell through social channels. This is why your jewellery has to be relevant to the specific sales channel. Some examples:

  • Your Facebook store will work well for unique items, which can be identified with you, with your style and brand.
  • Amazon and eBay will perform better on simple, repeatable jewelry, which requires less understanding from the buyer, and requires more from your logistics ability.
  • For personalized jewelry with […]
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