Good things happen in the jewelry eCommerce! While the latest update by Amazon is not necessarily positive for all Amazon marketplace sellers, jewelry sellers were definitely glad to receive it. Starting 22. February, Amazon reduces fees on selling jewelry on its marketplace, by lowering the current flat 20% fee to 5% for any portion of the total price greater than $250. This change is a critical news for the fine jewelry sellers, making selling on Amazon much more affordable, and the jewelry more attractive to the Amazon buyers.

Additional effect of this change is that Amazon becomes more relevant for multi-channel eCommerce.  Till now, Amazon had the highest in the online industry (compared to 9.25% by eBay, 4% by Etsy etc.) With that, Amazon’s policy requires sellers to offer their jewelry at the prices not higher than 10% than on any other online channels. This requirement made offering attractive prices on other channel almost impossible. Jewelry sellers looking to sell jewelry on Amazon were pressed to sell on Amazon only, or to violate the marketplace policy to stay competitive on additional online marketplaces. With the recent change, fine jewelry sellers can offer more relevant prices on additional markets, while complying with the Amazon’s rules.

This is the recent email with update sellers received from Amazon:

Dear seller,

Starting on February 22, 2018 (midnight PST), we will reduce the Referral fee for eligible Jewelry items for one year. We will also increase the Referral fee for Clothing & Accessories and eligible products in Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses starting […]