Starting your jewelry eCommerce business requires know-how, very different from the one for offline jewelry business. Knowledge of the sales channels, and the ability to find the right representation for your jewelry business online is one of the major keys for your online go-to-market strategy. So is there such a thing as the right marketplace for selling jewelry online? 

Largest online marketplaces for selling jewelry in USA are eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Sears and Walmart. But does it mean that this list is closed, and each jewelry business has to present on all these channels? Absolutely not!

In the offline jewelry retail world, selling jewelry in the local fair, a luxury brick-and-mortar store or in the mall has different meanings for business. Similarly, each online marketplace has its own characteristics and matches different etailers (eCommerce retailers). To assure your online success, it is critical to identify the marketplace which suits your jewelry business most.

So how can I know which marketplace is the right one for me? Do the profiling of your business. While choosing the channel(s) for selling your jewelry online, consider the following factors:

Your jewelry

  • If you are more “mass-production”, or work with more classic designs – this will match to a general audience and is good for the larger marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. Buyers on these channels know less about the jewelry […]