Etsy unique positioning in the online marketplaces world can be defined as handmade products, designers , non-mass-production. Lately, by allowing production partners, shop teams etc, it focuses on more established businesses (which is quite clear because they produce more sales and so revenues to Etsy). This was clearly stated by Etsy in July 2018 , when Etsy wrote to their sellers “Now you have grown up”.

Amazon Handmade positions itself in the same category, unlike the “big brother” Amazon,trying to make home for artisan and unique products manufacturers. Despite the fact that in more than a year of operation Amazon Handmade weren’t able to build some serious competition ( becoming only 10% of Etsy), it’s important to remember the power behind this Amazon category.

One of the major issues Amazon Handmade had was the very annoying process of uploading items to the channel. This became a strong barrier for new sellers to join the marketplace. In the multi-channel marketing world, where sellers can easily get them self to multiple sales channels, this strategy led Amazon Handmade behind.

The later change in Amazon Handmade policies allows sellers upload items in bulk from Excel. This move can dramatically change the balance, and being a part of the most strongest eCommerce empire, Amazon Handmade can get stronger.

IMHO to become a serious player in the handmade / artisan world , Amazon has to review its strategy of treating sellers as given. Amazon is known for its hard approach to sellers. With that, Etsy is very active […]