Making sure you’re up to date with the last things happening in the eCommerce world and changing the jewelry industry (forever, yes)! Here are some remarkable things we’ve bumped into lately.

  1. eBay introduces the “Multi-User Account Access
    The new option allows eBay sellers to grant access to their Seller Hub, with different permission levels. By this eBay acknowledges, that running the marketplace account became something more professional, and you need a specialist to run it. eBay promises to expand this feature even further.
  2. eBay to launch “Managed Delivery”
    After 10 years of thinking and considering, eBay goes into logistic! Differently, from FBA, eBay is going to implement the logistic through partners. Still, this is a crucial move that will allow eBay to gain back its importance and credibility.
    This is great news, also for the jewelry industry, as logistics is crucial for buyers, especially in the Fashion Jewelry directory.
  3. Alibaba Opens Platform to US Sellers
    Looking to penetrate the Asian B2B markets? Who does not?! 😉
    Sourcing jewelry on Alibaba has a long history. But this is NOT where it ends. Asian markets are interested in the US and European jewelry too (know for its higher quality). The latest move by the China giant is allowing the US sellers, including jewelry, to offer their products on the marketplace.

Enjoy Selling!

Valigara Team