Invoicing module – QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks integration with Valigara

We are happy to announce the QuickBooks integration with Valigara! 

Accounting is a mandatory part of any business. When it comes to accounting software, Intuit’s QuickBooks seems to be a top pick for eCommerce businesses in the US and Canada. It is one of the most convenient accounting software, for tracking incomes, expenses and jewelry sold. 

QuickBooks helps to understand financial performance, and conduct business according to applicable Canadian and American law and rules. Addition of the invoicing module in Valigara automates financial tasks, and makes accounting less time-consuming and less stressful. 

Your orders and clients data, imported in real time from all eCommerce platforms, can now be used to issue invoices, receipts and other legal documentation, in few clicks. All the manual and tedious tasks are eliminated, saving precious time and keeping you focused on the most important issue – selling more jewelry online, effectively and easily. 


Enjoy selling!

Jewelry eCommerce news – December 2019

December news are known for the endless summaries, infographics, checklists and all kind of “Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendars”. You’ve surely already received few of them. Colors change, but the main focuses stay the same. Let’s keep it short and clear.

Holidays To-Do’s for December 

    • Super-fast shipping – clients late with their gifts become nervous and are ready to pay double for the fast  delivery. If your overnight shipping costs more than the product itself – it’s OK.
    • Aggressive sales – December is the last chance. Boom coupons and discounts, killer sales for existing clients – now is the time
    • Religious jewelry. There is much more than the Christian holidays in this  month. Jewish Chanukka adds to sales. Islamic holidays are far from the season in 2019. Look for more opportunities. 

Check new post in our Jewelry eCommerce Articles selection “Cold Days, Hot Sales: 7 Jewelry Selling Ideas for the Holiday Season

December eCommerce news

eCommerce-wise, here are some remarkable things we’ve bumped into lately: 

  1. FedEx is no longer available on the FBA plans
    FedEx is no longer a part of Amazon’s FBA operation. For fine jewelry that’s heavily based on the last-minute orders, Amazon’s switch can challenge our ability to quickly and reliably deliver our jewelry. FedEx now free by agreements with FBA is to introduce new services to online sellers. 
  2. eBay publishes the “eBay Open” videos
    The latest eBay Open videos are published covering all sides of eBay’s operation. Besides multiple tips on Seller Hub, Conversion Tools, Shipping […]
  • 7 Jewelry Selling ideas to Get You Through the Holidays
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    Cold Days, Hot Sales: 7 Jewelry Selling Ideas for the Holiday Season

Cold Days, Hot Sales: 7 Jewelry Selling Ideas for the Holiday Season

The Golden Ticket to Jewelry Sales

The winter holidays are upon us, and this means that there is more for you to prepare for than the family Christmas dinner, for all its warmth and joy. This is the prime time to ride the festive tide and grow your business.

According to ZACKS market research, the 2018 November-December period saw jewelry among the sectors that enjoyed a 7-10% spike in sales. The company also registered a surge in e-commerce, so for all of you Internet-savvy jewelers, this is the time to go wild.

The holidays season specials

  • Main events. There are more than 20 events you will find in the For jewelry we target Black Friday (29 November this year), Christmas (24. December), New Year (31 December) and Valentines (14 February). There are many more, such as Cyber Monday, Green Monday, Boxing day etc, but they are less about jewelry. With that, smaller events like Halloween (31 October) can be more relevant for jewelry. 
  • Buying seasons. Here, it’s about your jewelry, location and logistics. Naturally, more extensive jewelry, bought locally, means better shipping, than cheap jewelry purchased from other continents. So, for the $50 fashion jewelry with international shipping, the 3-4 week delivery is quite normal, and the purchases start in early September, while the $1200 diamond rings is expected with 2-3 days delivery maximum, and can be purchased also a week before the event. 
  • It’s winter time
    • Carrier and fulfillment loads. Holidays season means more sales, […]
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