Walmart closes was in focus of the big fashion jewelry e-tailers, due to its strong, discount-oriented buyers community and aggressive re-pricing abilities. The few jewelers, who were able to adopt as a part of online operation, enjoyed the exclusivity of selling to 27M monthly visitors on the peak of the marketplace activity.

4 years after Walmart’s acquisition of the online marketplace, entire operation merges into Walmart. Now that Walmart feel confident with their online presence, the company does not require the “backup plan” in form of a stand-alone intependent marketplace.  Walmart’s US e-commerce sales grew by 74% in the first quarter , making the company the biggest winner of the e-commerce revolution caused by the COVID pandemic. 

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Valigara Jewelry eCommerce Newsletter, May 2020

Prepare to Embrace Change

As of May 2020, it’s clear that the effect of depressed economies worldwide is disrupting jewelry eCommerce – but signs of hope from Etsy, Walmart, DHL, and other jewelry industry players are upon us like Spring itself.

Across the board, the industry is dealing with potential customers having less discretionary income and interrupted supply chains, leading to greatly reduced sales and lower stock prices. A recent article in Rough-Polished posits the possibility of a lingering recession, with hard times ahead for sellers. But it’s not all doom-and-gloom: opportunity lies in wait.

As countries slowly begin to reopen, the marketing war for consumer dollars will begin in earnest. Sellers may wish to consider refocusing their marketing efforts on messaging appropriate to the times and emotions of their customers. A decisive program geared toward generic marketing of diamonds is also a strategy worth investigating.

While brick & mortar retail is struggling, there’s no doubt that the recent changes bring good news for the future of jewelry eCommerce. Those who once saw the switch to online operations as a future move now have a clear understanding that eCommerce is not a bonus or luxury, but a mandatory part of the jewelry business. Online marketplaces are growing at a fascinating pace, changing the proportion between online and offline retail forever.

In other words, prepare to embrace change — because jewelry buying and selling habits have changed forever.


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The place of online marketplaces in Jewelry eCommerce, June 2020

Are online marketplaces still relevant for Jewelry eCommerce in June 2020?

Jewelry industry is rapidly changing, with eCommerce in the focus. With all eyes on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy and other online sales channels – what is the current role of the leading marketplaces for jewelers today? What is changing and where are we moving to?

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Sergiu Costin

CEO at AMZgemz INC

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  • Sold over $100,000,000 worth of jewelry online, in own company and his clients’ operation
  • BA in Computer Science, 13 years of experience selling jewelry on multiple US marketplaces
  • Founder at AMZgemz – A Seattle, WA […]
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