Even if your jewelry business started by your grandfather, on a small bench in the backyard, with a simple pen and paper… Can you rely on your brain capacity and free time in today’s world of speed and data?

If the answer is NO for you, let’s define how to introduce the right software into your jewelry business.  

Why implement the eCommerce management software? 

Managing jewelry effectively is crucial for your business growth, success and survival. Every business starts with the first item in the inventory. Some businesses make it to 20 items,  others to 200… As the business grows, so does the number of the items in the inventory.  

Managing 20-200  items can be done manually. With that, having 1,000 jewelry pieces in the inventory means that the right management software is crucial.  Any operation at this the stage involves a lot of data, requires sharp focus to avoid mistakes, and takes a huge amount of time.

The right software comes to solve several pains and goals:

  • Increased control over business processes and better decisions. Having all the data organized allows taking out guessing from the daily operation. 
  • Time and money saving. Process automation can save upto 80% of the routine work, freeing up time and resources for more intelligent work.
  • Scaling and revenue growth. Handling the growing product catalog, getting multiple products online, managing incoming orders, shipments and purchasing […]