Jewelry eCommerce Webinar – July 2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020 at 11:00 am EST

18:00 pm Jerusalem     

16:00 pm London         

8:00 am Los Angeles


Practical session –  10 things to improve your eBay jewelry store performance

Selling jewelry on eBay is a game of numbers. Lots of numbers, representing parameters, influencing your eBay store performance. Loosing just a few % on each one, results in loosing the visibility and sell-ability of your jewelry. Meaning – loosing money.

What if you find 10 places, each one adding 10% to your sales? Or draining… Count the numbers.

In this practical session we will review some live jewelry eBay stores, drill-down into all aspects of specific listings, show successes and (most important!) mistakes, and help identify most opportunities for improving the eBay listing and store performance.

– how to quickly audit your eBay listing
– easy-to-improve factors to improve your eBay sales
– best practices and most common mistakes in selling jewelry eBay
– live Q&A


Igor Nusinovich

CEO at Valigara Online Jewelry Manager

  • One of the most recognized worldwide online marketing specialists in jewelry industry.
  • Jewelry eCommerce veteran, managed more than 100 online jewelry stores.
  • More than 15 years in eCommerce, one of the first eBay employees in Israel.
  • Adviser for Israeli Export Institute, Payoneer and multiple jewelry brands.
  • Founder of Valigara Online Jewelry Manager – the leading jewelry eCommerce platform.

Jewelry eCommerce Webinar – April 2020

Jewelry eCommerce Webinar – April 2020

Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 11:00 am EST

18:00 pm Jerusalem     

16:00 pm London         

8:00 am Los Angeles

Jewelry eCommerce Webinar - April 2020

  •  At this webinar, our CEO Igor Nusinovich will share topic Vaccinate your business against coronavirus with eCommerce.

In Short: eCommerce purchases jumped by 50% in February 2020. More than 75% of consumers avoid using malls. Coronavirus can’t spread online, but your business can.

How to start eCommerce quickly and efficiently? What does it take to establish and grow a vaccinated sales funnel?


  • This time we host Gadi Gertel, CEO at the Israel Jewelers’ Association, to  present Jewelry design trends – No.1 key to eCommerce sales growth.

In Short : Jewelry Trends have the most crucial influence in the fierce worldwide jewelry competition. As long as we are involved in the trends processes, we sell more.
Gadi Gertel, a jewelry retail specialist, speaks about how to use the Coronavirus crisis’ time break to develop your supply and to maximize your eCommerce sales.


  • 00:00 – introduction
  • 08:30 – Trends in jewelry markets
  • 39:51 – Vaccinate your business with eCommerce
  • 01:18:25 – Helping jewelries in Corona time
  • 01:25:40 – Q & A

A look at 2019-2020

Dear Valigarers!

We want to wish you a great 2020! 

I took this opportunity to summarize what happened to us and where our eyes are on. 

2019 was a wonderful year! 


Saying “2019 was productive” doesn’t say anything… We introduced so many new features we hardly believe it our-self. 🙂 

  • Walmart. We’ve added one of the most influential US marketplaces to our channels list. Protected and actively growing, we believe it can be a great addition to your online sales operation. 
  • Purchasing module. Now you can completely manage your work with providers and keep track of your physical inventory. Issue Inventory Receipts, create Purchase orders, manage Transfers between stock locations. 
  • POS and classical retail. We made sure that our integration with Shopify gives us the access to the Shopify POS – the easiest solution for the classical POS and offline retail needs. 
  • Invoicing module. We added integration with Quickbooks and GreenInvoice systems, to make your administration smooth and easy. Now your do all required paperwork for your orders directly from Valigara.
  • MailChimp module. Email marketing is a “glue” between the short-term and long-term business. Send your clients data into the the largest email sending system, in few clicks. This makes your email marketing even more easy and flexible. 
  • Feeds module. Now you can make your products data available for anyone instant, and updated. Want to have an updated feed for Facebook store or Google Products? Now you have it. 
  • VStore. We completely reworked and upgraded our websites module.  so you can build your […]

E-Sellers cautious as eBay rolls out Managed Payments

In September, eBay launched its brand-new Managed Payments program, currently available to a closed group of some 20,000 sellers. With over $1 billion in processed payments and the first seller feedback coming in, it’s time to take a closer look at this project.

What’s This About

With the introduction of Managed Payments program, Adyen, the global payment processing company used by Uber, becomes eBay’s prime partner in transaction processing. This means that the sellers joining the program will no longer be able to offer PayPal as a payment option – for now, at least, as it’s yet to be integrated. Their returns will be delivered to their bank accounts with a delay of 2-4 business days, as eBay says. In summer 2020, the program will be launched in full, potentially becoming mandatory for all or most sellers.

What’s The Buzz

The feedback coming in so far is at best mixed, with eBay forums replete with panicked posts from e-sellers blasting at the Managed Payment fees (2.7% + $0.25 per item vs. PayPal’s flat $2.9% + $0.30). Other major complaints include a lack of access to the eBay’s Global Shipping Program and delays in payment transfers to sellers’ bank accounts.

Should You Opt In?

Well, here’s a few things to consider:

  • Lower fees: A 0.2% reduction in transaction fees vis-à-vis PayPal could end up saving money. Even with the extra per-listing charges. With that, even if you’re on the 6-digits sales volume, the 0.2% doesn’t change things dramatically.
  • No PayPal: If a major share of your […]

Jewelry eCommerce Webinar – October 2019

Online Expansion Strategies for the Jewelry Industry

31-10-2019, 11:00am EST

At this webinar, our CEO Igor Nusinovich is going to share the business strategies, best practices and insights based on the experience of managing more than 100 online jewelry stores.


This is a webinar for Online Jewelry Sellers Only

  • Profiling your business for expansion
  • Selecting the right Sales Channels
  • Creating effective multichannel presence online


Without the right eCommerce Strategy, even Valigara cant help you!

Record of this webinar:


Valigara uses SendGrid system to send emails to your buyers. SendGrid provides a cloud-based email delivery service that assists businesses with email delivery. Sending emails with SendGrid SMTP has multiple advantages:

  • Optimization of Inbox Delivery and Engagement
  • Improved deliverability with domain and link customization
  • Elimination of domain spoofing and phishing emails with our custom SPF and DKIM record creation.

Select if to use the default Valigara account or your personal Sendgrid account for emails delivery.

Walmart for jewelry eCommerce

Recent research by MarketplacePulse made us focus on Walmart role in jewelry eCommerce ecosystem.

We summarized our thoughts on this:

  • According to the research, jewelry makes about 6.5% of Walmart products catalog. There are above 2.5M products in Jewelry department. This means that the category is quite significant on the marketplace. Not all marketplaces have enough volume in the jewelry category, allowing them to focus on the industry needs.
  • Walmart is actively growing, while encouraging external sellers to join. Only 2% of jewelry is sold by Walmart itself (one of the lowest rates in the marketplace). This is an opposite to Amazon, which has a very self-oriented strategy. It was shown not once, that Amazon’s brands have lower success than ones of 3rd-party sellers, and in the long-term point of view the strategy of ecological co-existence between the marketplace owned products and 3-rd party sellers is more effective.
  • Accepting only US companies as marketplace sellers, Walmart creates very strong protection for US sellers and is not too crowded (only 20K sellers). This is very much different from eBay and Amazon, crowded with more low-cost international sellers. From our clients’ experience we know that the marketplace performs well also in expensive products in the $3000-$4000 price range.
  • Buyers consider Walmart to be a provider of high quality products. This positioning allows selling high-quality jewelry, and has a positive role for the brand. In today’s cross-channel marketing world, this is an important factor in selecting the marketplace to sell jewelry.
  • While having relatively small catalog comparing to Amazon, Walmart offers  over half […]

Valigara gets the SSL protection

Dear Valigarers!

We are glad to inform we have successfully completed the next major step in the list of security and performance updates in Valigara.

Following the security update on all Valigara system servers, manager / media / and data servers are now accessible by HTTPS – secured connection.

Valigara Online Jewelry Manager software

At this stage we allow accessing the system also with the non-secured http:// links. This will be gradually restricted, to assure higher level of data protection in Valigara.

We invite you to use the secured connection while working in the system. Also, please remember to update your browser bookmarks to the matching URLs.

Enjoy selling!

Valigara team

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