eBay has recently announced a major change in Detailed Seller Ratings  (DSR) – the way defects are being counted in sellers accounts. The DSR calculation is a famous topic in eBay sellers community. The current calculation of the seller performance, which influences the eBay search algorithm, is known for its strong bias towards the buyers, which does not precisely represent the real situation it the “good customer service and experience”, which it actually should reflect.

The announced changes, long waited by the sellers community, are to bring some balance into buyers-sellers relations and hopefully protect the responsible sellers from buyers-side frauds and manipulations. Changes will be valid starting from February 2016.

To make the long story short, the following will no longer count as defects:

  • Neutral or negative feedback from buyers
  • Low detailed seller ratings for item as described
  • Return requests: items not as described
  • Requests: items not received

The only actions which will count as defects:

  • Closed cases without seller resolution
  • Seller-cancelled transactions
  • Low detailed seller ratings for shipping time

We hope these changes will come for good, and wish you Good selling!

The eBay announcement: http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/news/fallupdate2015/seller-standards.html

eBay-for-busines post: http://for-business.ebay.com/seller-performance-standards-preview-now-available