eBay has announced launch of eBay Authenticate this September. The service allows buyer check the authenticity of the product before buying it, using the external authenticators. Relevant items will be reviewed by a professional authenticator before it’s delivered to the buyer. Starting with handbags, through other fashion categories it is planned to reach jewelry.

For many years eBay is trying to figure out how to assure the jewelry quality, especially in the expensive diamond jewelry. Till now, plans for introducing regulation on the offered gemstones, for example by requiring best-known labs certificates for more expensive gemstones (similar to Amazon), did not bring fruits. For many years, Amazon  requires sellers to certify the offered diamonds above  0.75 carat to be certified by one of the 4 top certification labs “of the GIA level”. Lack of regulation on eBay results in chaotic and non-realistic offers on the loose gemstones and jewelry. Some of sold jewelry on eBay clearly shows to the professional eye that the product is inconsistent with the claimed parameters. Unfortunately buyers understand it only after receiving the “jewelry of their dream at the quarter of price”. And in such an emotional and urgent category as jewelry, this causes a lot of disappointment and sorrow.

Hopefully eBay Authenticate will add transparency to jewelry and gemstones sold on eBay, and will initiate new product certification procedures. Ad the end, eBay’s main business is to negotiate the best buying experience for his users.