It feels really great to summarize this month. .. Our development statistic has reached a fantastic number of 149 (!) additions, improvements, reworks  and fixes! We are thrilled to see how new abilities are added together with the expansion of our system in the jewelers’ community.

We have selected only the most important updates, to keep you in tune with this amazing progress…




Better support for multiple stores.
Better support for local marketplaces, including categories, item specifics, shipping profiles and more (BTW Australia becomes more and more interesting!)
Added eBay Selling Limits view
More awareness and alerts to avoid the Duplicate listings situation in your store.
Introduced the new eBay “Style” item specific support in import / export.

On the Etsy side we concentrated on better Tags management, as tags become even more important in Etsy’s search engine.


eBay mappings
eBay mappings come to drastically shorten the time, required for posting jewelry to eBay. Mappings define the default relation between the Valigara’s local fields and different eBay values. By introducing Mappings, Valigara enables to post items with different parameters , and into different eBay store categories, at one time. So, if you have 10 store categories at your eBay store, mapping decreases the desired work by 10 immediately! And if
“Item specifics mapping”.
This mapping allows to define the relation between the local fields and eBay category item specifics. Which Valigara fields will be used to fill automatically each Item specific in each eBay category in future posts/relists of your jewelry.
For example, user can define that for the “Metal Purity” item specific, in eBay’s category “Fine Jewelry-Fine Necklaces-No stones”, Valigara will automatically take the product’s value from the field “Metal purity”, while the “Brand” Item specific will be filled by the local field value “My Items Brand Names” that was manually created by the user.

“Store categories mapping”

This mapping allows user to define, to which store categories goes each posted listing.
For example, if you define the first local mapping parameter “Main stone shape” and set
Diamond Shapes > Princess —– Princess
so all products with “Princess” main stone shape will go automatically to the “Princess” category in eBay store.
The second parameter can be defined as “Model type”, so rings will go to Jewelry > Rings in your eBay store.


eBay feedbacks

Reacting quickly to your client’s action is crucial. This is why we’ve added an ability to automatically post a positive feedback to your eBay client. It is possible to create several feedbacks which will be posted randomly, and define the status of your communication with the client when to place the feedback ( new order, completed payment, positive feedback received etc).


Zap integration comparison shopping

Our Israeli clients will be glad to know that we have added the support for the local comparison shopping engine ZAP. CO. IL . The registered Zap users can submit their jewelry to Zap directly from Valigara, with just few clicks!


Stock management improvements

There was a major rework in the Single (non-repeateble) items management in the system. More accurate Actions for sold products were introduced to keep the stock updated correctly in all marketplaces. “Update quantity on all channels” action is extremely useful for items that cannot be repeated (let’s say you have 5 necklaces with an unique gemstone you won’t be able to re-produce). The integrated VCatalog mini-site was also connected to the stock management system, where the Maximum amount is set by the jewelry’s quantity in the system.

Making your jewelry appear on the marketplaces at optimal hours and days can significantly boost your jewelry visibility. Valigara’s scheduler helps you to plan your future activity and create uniform distribution of items appearance in the shop. And no more need to be on the computer at 02:00 to click the Post button on eBay!

For example, you can schedule 5-6 new items to be posted to site each Amazon time, evening 17:00-20:00 during the next month/every 3 days/ on Sundays and Mondays. You can set an exact amount of repetitions that the process will be initiated. Or renew 3-4 random/most viewed/least viewed items each Monday, 12:00-13:00 Etsy time…

The Scheduler can be applied to posting / revising / renewing procedures on marketplaces. It can be run 1-time or by creating the Scheduling Templates that you might re-use any time, which makes it extremely an powerful tool!


And even more additions:
The new Posting tolerance setting lets you decide how large can be the time difference between your selected action time ant the real time Valigara performs your action. The differences can occur due to slow responses from the marketplaces, network problems and more… Suppose you set Valigara post an item to Rapnet at 14:00, with the posting tolerance of 15 min. If Valigara isn’t able to complete the action, she will skip this post, and update you with the matching alert.Importing existing jewelry from eBay and Etsy accounts became much easier, with eve better support for loose gemstones products.


And if you’ve made it till here… We promise more things to come soon!  🙂