Etsy is changing the Product Categories structure. This is important as your jewelry might potentially end in some irrelevant category where it will never get the exposure and impressions you would expect to. Unfortunately we were unable to find the relevant article on Etsy website, so we are forwarding the email that was sent by Etsy to our seller accounts. 

Hi there,

For some time, we’ve heard from our community that our categories could be clearer. Previously, categorization was based on many different concepts, including what an item is, who it is for, and what it is made of. That made it tricky for sellers to pick the right categories for items – and for buyers to find them.

Over the past year, we’ve been working with Etsy buyers and sellers to better understand how searching for products on Etsy can be improved. Based on their feedback, we have updated our listing categories to ensure there is a logical place for every unique item on the site. The new categories take effect today.

What this means for your shop:
During the process of updating categories, we combined certain specialized categories to provide the best exposure to buyers. Some of your items fell into these specialized categories and need a new perfect spot. Rest assured that there’s still a place for them on Etsy; we just need your help updating some of your listings so they fall into the best category.