Valigara’s power is the unique ability of automation for all channels-related processes.  

Valigara offers an extensive scheduling system, which will allow you to run the selected operation in the desired time.  This might include almost any task performed in Valigara, f.i. posting your jewelry to eBay, Etsy or any other marketplaces, mass-revise or remove jewelry on the marketplace etc. 

To make scheduling more powerfull, create scheduling templates that will run automatically until cancelled. Schedulers can run daily / weekly / monthly / on selected days of the week. For every scheduler you might define how many times the scheduler will run.

1. Create Scheduling task. F.i. “Daily Etsy random items renew” or “New items eBay post – Sunday 17:00 – 21:00” 

2. While performing operation in Valigara, use the predefined or custom scheduling template, f.i. use the “New items eBay post – Sunday eve” while performing mass-post to eBay, so that your jewelry will get to eBay on Sunday evening in the desired posting hours.