In order to get your Valigara account active and synchronized with your online marketplaces, the step-by-step account setup guides you through few steps: 
1. Channels selection. First, select from the supported marketplaces: eBay sites, Etsy, Amazon sites, Facebook, Rapnet and Alibaba.
2. Channels integration. In order to allow Valigara synchronise with your online marketplace shop, you will approve Valigara to integrate with the channels you wish to control. 
3. Existing stock import. Optionally, your current listings from the connected marketplace can be automatically imported into the system, to make the integration easier and faster. 
4. Shipping profiles, design, posting and other marketplace – related settings. Depending on the desired channel, you will be asked few simple questions regarding your posting differences.
It is good to start with account setup page to integrate your online marketplaces. You can pause the setup and return to it later. Naturally, you will not be able to post items to marketplaces using Valigara without completing the setup and providing all required information.
Use the helping tooltips (?) on every step of the setup to easily complete the setup.
* Go to account setup