Image storage page allows adding images to system to future use with import.

Sometimes we require the same image to be used in several products. For example, putting for sale a ring in many sizes, when we prefer to have each size to be a different product in our jewelry catalog. Or adding a beautiful jewelry box picture to each product in the catalog… The simple way would be posting the image to each product. Which is

  • bulky
  • requires lot of work
  • in case we decide to use a different picture, we must go one-by-one to update it in all products. 

This is why we created Image storage page. Instead of uploading the picture to each product, it is possible to store it in central place. On uploading it receives it’s own link, accessible from everywhere on the Internet. Using this URL, it is possible to re-use it in any place you want, including products, templates, emails and more!