Valigara offeres and Online Jewelry Catalog, which is automatically created from the items you upload into the system. Basically, Valigara Catalog provides you with your own eCommerce website that showcases your jewelry. By this you can make your jewelry accessible to millions online buyers, without a need of creation of an expansive website.

Why use it?

  • Your jewelry e-commerce website. Online presence is the key of each business these days, and showing up to the meeting, without having an website on your visit card might look strange. Valigara catalog is a well-balanced website, with all your jewelry and gemstones catalog and integrated shopping cart and wholesales module. With no effort you get the branded website that will represent you online 24/7!
  • Manage and expand your wholesale business. By creating registered users in Valigara, you will be able to adjust catalogs and even pricing for groups and individual distributors and resellers you work with. 
  • Integrate Valigara catalog into your main website. Sometimes we get stuck with some website we don’t want to invest time, money and attention in it. But it is clear that jewelry business requires an accessible shopping channel for the clients who already know you. Integrate Valigara into your website, as part of it, and upgrade your website from the money-losing paragraph in your business to the most important line on the incomes side!