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Multiple users and access levels
Create multiple users and assign different access levels for each one of different roles: Admin / Moderator / User - Manage system users in the Admins page - Set Access levels for each role in the Permissions page
What makes Valigara different?
Valigara Online Jewelry Manager is a multi-channel system, providing all main functionality. So what makes it to the best tool for jewellery and diamond sales online?
  1. It's all about jewelery. We know that selling a chair, an iPhone or a diamond ring is not the same. All everythig we do takes into account that we deal with jewelery. Want some examples?
    • Valigara integrates with the jewelery relevant marketplaces. Now Valigara is integrated with eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Sears, Bonanza, Rapnet, Alibaba and Rakuten. We know that Etsy is times smaller than NewEgg, but we prefer the first one because it's more relevant for selling jewelery online. And we are sure you won't find a multi-channel solution with GIA or Rapnet integration.
    • The inventory tree is based on Models, Metals, Purities, Gemstones, Sizes, Karats, Clarities and much more. It doesn't help us sell carpets online, but when it gets to posting your jewelery on eBay or Amazon, your products will get best exposure because Valigara cares to automatically put all the jewelery data in the marketplace search algorithm.
    • Even the order management and statistics are adjusted, the former one with the ability to accept custom orders (f.i. if your engagement ring was sold with the emerald and not ruby) and the later one with analysing the performance based on Models, Metals, Gemstones, Ring sizes etc.
    • We handle Products stock, Gemstones stock and Metal stock separately. Because if you're out of the unique Black Onyx you've bought in Argentina, it's important to instantly remove the relevant jewellery from all selling channels. No matter was it earrings, rings, necklaces or a brooch that all your stones were sold with.
    • Variations. With Valigara, managing variations is easy. If you can produce your jewelry in 925 sterling silver, 18k yellow gold and gold plated, with 10 different stones, and in 10 different sizes - creating all the variations and posting them for sale would be a matter of few clicks. And having your items based on the same model, it would be easy to remove all variations of the ring from your stores once your 4-prong engagement solitaire ring was sold in size 5 (assuming you can't reproduce it).  And if your unique pendant was sold with the 18 inch chain, you will most  probably prefer all variations of this jewellery to disappear from all your online stores.
    • Valigara has a tremendous amount of tools for photo management (inline photo editor, multiple pictures upload, ability to adjust pictures to each marketplace, set separate pictures order to each selling channel and many more). Why? Because jewelery is a visual product, and photography means a lot. When you buy an iPhone, you don't really care about the photo, right?
    • High precision tools. Jewelry is one of the most competitive eCommerce industries, so one can't afford being mediocre. Putting your jewelery on sale at the right time, in the right format, with the right parameters is critical. And Valigara's algorithms (such as smart re-post, posting tolerance, re-listing tolerance and other) make the best by adding very smart automation into your eCommerce performance.
  2. It's all about diamonds and gemstones
    • Valigara has 13 built-in gemstones parameters. Because if you want to sell your diamond on eBay, it should appear with as much technical specification as possible, as it will be used for its Best Match algorithms.
    • Will your diamond be sold as a loose diamond or in a jewelry? Maybe both? Maybe in a pair? How should your stock managed in each case? Is your gemstone considered semi-precious or non-precious while selling it on Amazon? All this is managed in Valigara, to improve your gemstone visibility on the marketplace.
    • Does your gemstone have a certificate from a gemological institute? Starting with the GIA integration, we make a lot of adaptation to let the certificates work best for you.
  3. Valigara is a professional tool. There are many multi-channel systems, providing only the basic functionality for the eCommerce needs. Valigara makes the drill-down  into each component of the online sales, whether its the stock management, posting and bulk editing, orders fulfillment or clients management etc.
  4. We use our software ourselves. Valigara has the one of a kind unique trading team, selling jewelry and diamonds in few dozens of top-performing  accounts on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Sears, Bonanza and other marketplaces. This means we totally understand what is needed to succeed in selling jewelry online,and implement it in our software. This also ensures we immediately have to react to all changes happening in the eCommerce world, as we have to support our stores. And finally, once something happens in our software (and it does to every software), our traders' team is affected by it exactly as all our clients, and immediately involves our technology department to get things fixed.
To make story short, when you go for a race, you don't take a family car. We know that selling jewelry online is not always easy. This is why you need a strong technological solution which can support you in the hard days, provide you an advantage over your competitors and take you one step further.
How to setup my Valigara account?
In order to get your Valigara account active and synchronized with your online marketplaces, the step-by-step account setup guides you through few steps: 
1. Channels selection. First, select from the supported marketplaces: eBay sites, Etsy, Amazon sites, Facebook, Rapnet and Alibaba.
2. Channels integration. In order to allow Valigara synchronise with your online marketplace shop, you will approve Valigara to integrate with the channels you wish to control. 
3. Existing stock import. Optionally, your current listings from the connected marketplace can be automatically imported into the system, to make the integration easier and faster. 
4. Shipping profiles, design, posting and other marketplace - related settings. Depending on the desired channel, you will be asked few simple questions regarding your posting differences.
It is good to start with account setup page to integrate your online marketplaces. You can pause the setup and return to it later. Naturally, you will not be able to post items to marketplaces using Valigara without completing the setup and providing all required information.
Use the helping tooltips (?) on every step of the setup to easily complete the setup.
* Go to account setup 
Valigara quick-start
With completion of the setup, you can immediately start working on your online inventory and marketplaces. There are many in-page fields (under the ?" sign) that provide the relevant and focused information. 
Dashboard: Valigara's dashboard analyzes your current inventory and uses the integrated BI mechanism to provide you relevant optimization ideas to get your stuff more competitive online. The system alerts provide more in-depth information.
Catalog: The catalog, aggregating all your jewelry products, is the main place you will be working with. Later, the information from the catalog is spread into your selling channels with Mass Post to all connected selling channels. 
The catalog is extremely agile thanks to Additional fieldswhich allow you to adapt the stored information for your needs. F.i., if you require storing the name of photographer who took photos of each item, you can do this by creating the matching field in the system. 
Product images upload makes handling of all pictures and videos of your products extremely handy. Product import allows you to instantly get your items from an Excel file or your current marketplace store (f.i. eBay or Etsy) . 
Inventory: The creation of online inventory begins with models. Models are base for actual products and describe the initial settings for your jewelry: typecollection etc. To make your system more adjusted to your needs, you can handle all the information, such as relevant metal types, gemstones, sizes and more.
You can manage stock of ready-to-ship products and materials in the system. This allows you over-selling of your products which will be available in several marketplaces, and appearance of relevant alerts in the dashboard. 
Channels: provide the precise current state picture and quick real-time management of all channels. The built-in channel (VCatalog) manages the integrated eCommerce minisite, with the integrated catalog, wholesalers module and our unique online and PDF Catalogs seletion. 
Orders: Valigara accumulates orders from all marketplaces. Entering of the tracking numbers is a 1-click action. The order actions help you to define the further presence of the sold products in your online stores and make required adjustment to the real order. 
The clients information is aggregated, including past orders data. In addition to clients, automatically generated from orders info, you can add relevant persons manually. It is possible to create adjusted price level and catalogs for re-seller clients.
Mail templates create automation for post- and cross-selling to the exiting clients. It is possible to automatically insert your clients' personal information in templates for better personalisation. 
Statistics helps you to stay focused and understand your performance more in-depth. Statistics module includes a precise actions log (f.i. posting, revising, deleting on each channel), shown daily.


How much does Valigara cost?

There are several monthly plans available, to match different needs of small and large businesses. Plans are basically defined by the amount of items stored in our system, the number of marketplaces and stores you sell into, the amount of pictures and videos you upload and several additional parameters.
You can see exact rems in Plans and Pricing page. We encourage you to learn Valigara first , by using the 15 day free trial, so you are sure it matches your needs.

Does Valigara support multiple languages?
Yes! You can select manage as many languages as you need. And you can define different content for all text fields in the system, according to the language. For example, the your jewelry can have the English eBay title, the Description, the Occasion, the Item Condition fields for and the German one for
What is Valigara Online Jewelry Manager?

Valigara Online Jewelry Manager is the one-of-a-kind online catalog and sales system, adjusted to jewelers and diamond sellers needs. It manages the whole online jewelry sales process, from the creation of online jewelry catalog, to jewelry distribution to leading marketplaces, the complete orders management process and analytic element.

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