Clients management

What is the Clients Relations Management  (CRM) module about?  All buyers' information is automatically added to the CRM to create your own independent clients base. This database can be used for analytics, to initiate returning sales with the integrated email marketing and social marketing systems.
  • search and filter clients by purchase history, related products and products-related data
  • view buyers information and orders history
  • manually add clients to the list
  • export and import clients from / into Excel
  • add internal comments to clients
Manage your relations with your resellers / distributors / wholesale clients
  • save wholesale-related settings for clients
  • create specific catalogs for each distributor
  • set specific price levels based on existing pricing or create unique pricing for specific distributor
  • export catalogs to PDF for easy communication with resellers
Can I import my existing clients into Valigara?
Yes. Valigara allows you to import all the existing clients into the built-in CRM. There is no limitation on the amount of clients in the database. Depending on the marketplace you synchronise with Valigara you will be able to easily import all your clients information already on the initial setup process.
Using email templates for automatic emails
Email templates automate your mailing communication with the clients. There are 2 types of email templates:
  • automatic emails sent to the client on the specific action, f.i. new order received, order shipped etc.
    • There are pre-defined email template for each action(trigger).
    • It can be customized, including Subject and HTML content, and set active / inactive.
    • Use integrated hashtags (such as #Client_name#)  to make the email personal and effective.
  • CRM emails for communication with your existing clients: email marketing, updates on new products and offers etc
    • For the effective email marketing work with your clients base you can create as many templates as needed by pressing ‘Create new’ and Save templates for later use.
    • The fully customize-able  HTML format, including the integrated hashtags (such as #Client_name#) allows you to create more personalized and appealing email.
    • Use templates by making the selection of the relevant clients in the Clients List page -> "Compose email to selected"
How can I contact my existing clients using Valigara?
Existing clients base are the core of every business. This is why Valigara provides the integrated Email marketing module. It is extremely easy to target your clients with personalized messages, create engaging email templates and follow-up every client purchase with timely response for better service.  
How do I define prices for resellers in my VCatalog?

In each distributor's profile you can choose if to use one of the existing prices in the system, or create his own independent prices level. This might be useful if you have both pre-defined levels of discounts for your jewelry resellers, and also have special agreements with some of your jewelry distributors. 

If you want to provide the specific discount rate from one of your existing prices in the system, type the desired value in "Discount" field and select the base price from the list of prices the "Price to show" list. Valigara will automatically calculate the updated price, which your reseller will see after he enters his private area in your VCatalog.

If you want to define independent prices for specific reseller, you can add a stand-alone price field. Go to Catalog -> Additional Fields. Create additional numeric field and attach it to Prices set. Save the change, and the field will appear in all products in your jewelry catalog. Fill the required values in the new field. Select the new price in "Price to show" field in the distributor's profile.


- define a 15% discount from eBay price. 

- Create the additional field "Wallmart price" and select it in "Price to show" field.


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