Listing management

Handling certificates and packaging images in listings
Valigara allows certificate images and packaging images to be handled separately from the product pictures. This makes advanced operations with product images (such as shuffle, rotation, copying) easier and avoids misplacing the product images with certificates and boxing images. The system allows making the certificate / box images to be posted to the external marketplaces, together with the product images. For each type of images it is possible to define the precise position, where it will be placed. F.i. if you want the certificate image to be put 4th in row, and the box image 5th in row, this is possible. These settings can be set globally for all marketplaces and for each account separately. F.i. , the box image can be set 4th on Etsy account and 5th on eBay, according to the marketplace best practices.
How Posting Templates work?
When posting items to the marketplaces, there are several most common cases, covering 90% of posts. Posting templates allow saving posting settings for further use. After setting all preferences in Post or Mass Post page, name and save the current selection. On the next posts you will be able to quickly restore the settings from the saved format(s) and avoid entering everything again.
Linking social networks to online stores
Link sources allows you define, where you want to lead your social community. When posting your items to social networks, they will be linked to the desired online store (channel) - eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc.  Selecting several channels allows you to set the priority what channel is preferred. If the item does not appear on the first channel selected, it will try finding the product on the second one and link the post to the product page on the second channel,  etc. If no channel is selected (All Available) , the random channel will be selected.
What is Relisting Tolerance?
Listing time is crucial for better products' visibility on the marketplaces. For example, posting your jewelry on at 18:00 US time can be more effective than 10:00 US time. Due to limitations of marketplace interfaces, products re-list might take several minutes. For example, the first post of the product was set at 20:00, the next one will be completed at 20:05, next one at 20:15, 20:35 etc. With time, after relisting product several times, products' listing time might move by hours. To avoid this situation, Valigara can automatically correct the time of items' relisting according to the initial post time. This will be done by moving the posting to the next day, or to the next available desired Day of Week (DOW). Use Settings -> Global Settings to handle how Valigara will handle the re-listing tolerance
How does the Posting tolerance work?

In some cases jewelry can't be posted to the external marketplaces as eBay, Amazon or Etsy exactly at the scheduled time. Valigara will keep trying until it succeeds. Posting tolerance defines the precision in time, how  your items should be posted. The system calculates the difference between the planned time and the current time and stops once the difference is larger than the defined posting tolerance. 

For example:

Scheduled posting time to eBay: 18:30

Posting tolerance: 60 minutes

Valigara will retry posting your jewelry till 19:30, and stop pushing your jewelry to eBay at 19:31

How to schedule tasks in Valigara?

Valigara's power is the unique ability of automation for all channels-related processes.  

Valigara offers an extensive scheduling system, which will allow you to run the selected operation in the desired time.  This might include almost any task performed in Valigara, f.i. posting your jewelry to eBay, Etsy or any other marketplaces, mass-revise or remove jewelry on the marketplace etc. 

To make scheduling more powerfull, create scheduling templates that will run automatically until cancelled. Schedulers can run daily / weekly / monthly / on selected days of the week. For every scheduler you might define how many times the scheduler will run.

1. Create Scheduling task. F.i. "Daily Etsy random items renew" or "New items eBay post - Sunday 17:00 - 21:00" 

2. While performing operation in Valigara, use the predefined or custom scheduling template, f.i. use the "New items eBay post - Sunday eve" while performing mass-post to eBay, so that your jewelry will get to eBay on Sunday evening in the desired posting hours.

How can I import existing listings from my eBay/Etsy/Amazon stores?

After the desired eBay/Etsy/Amazon/Rapnet or other account is connected to Valigara system through the setup process, you can import your active listings from these accounts into the system.

To do this, use the appropriate system action from the Catalog page, f.i. Etsy=>Import from Etsy 

If you have defined several accounts for the channel, you need to import listings from each account apart. For example, if you connected your 2 Etsy shops to Valigara (created 2 accounts on Etsy channel), in Catalog page go to import action and select the shop you want to select your jewelry listings from. Valigara will automatically create products from the listings and link the original listings.


* Go to Catalog page

Can I create PDF version of my jewelry catalog?


Valigara allows you to create the printed version of  your catalog directly from the system. The exported catalog is very agile. For each catalog You can define

  • what jewelry to include into the specific catalog. you can select items manually or use your inventory parameters (title, jewelry type, metals and gemstones, categories etc.) for bulk selection of your jewerly. 
  • how to sort your jewelry in the printed catalog - by title, price or other parameter
  • price - you can use both one of the existing price levels, f.i. eBay price, Etsy price etc., or create 
  • show / hide the detailed information about your jewelry


How do I bulk insert my jewelry items into Valigara?

Valigara provides several import options of your jewelry. Except of creating your online jewelry catalog one-by-one in the system, you can:

- Import your items from Excel or other data file, using the our integrated importing system. Not only the technical information can be imported but also prices, commercial information and even product images. Images can be both copied from an online storage or uploaded directly from your computer and automatically assigned to your jewelry by our Picture Manager.

- Import your jewelry catalog from your online jewelry stores on Etsy, eBay, Amazon or loose diamonds catalog from Rapnet. Valigara will keep existing items active, while linking them to the system, so you can migrate smoothly, without having any downtown in your online store.

Can I import existing items from my eBay/Etsy/Rapnet account?
Yes.  When you integrate your marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, Rapnet) into your account, Valigara will offer you to automatically import all existing items in your store into the catalog. All the import will be done automatically by the system, no additional work is required. If you don't want your eBay /Etsy jewelry listings to be imported, You can skip this step.    
How do I add products catalog to Facebook?

To add the products catalog to your Facebook, enter CHANNELS page in your administration page and click "Facebook settings" in the left menu bar. The current status of Facebook Link (at the top of the page) is Not Linked. After you click "Change" button, you'll be able to choose the Facebook page you want to add catalog to. Please make sure that you have the administrator's permission on the desired page. When the integration process is finished, the status of the Facebook Link will be updated. On your Facebook page you will see the "Valigara Jewelry Catalog" link to the catalog in Links list.

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