Multi-channel Marketing

How Posting Templates work?
When posting items to the marketplaces, there are several most common cases, covering 90% of posts. Posting templates allow saving posting settings for further use. After setting all preferences in Post or Mass Post page, name and save the current selection. On the next posts you will be able to quickly restore the settings from the saved format(s) and avoid entering everything again.
Linking social networks to online stores
Link sources allows you define, where you want to lead your social community. When posting your items to social networks, they will be linked to the desired online store (channel) - eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc.  Selecting several channels allows you to set the priority what channel is preferred. If the item does not appear on the first channel selected, it will try finding the product on the second one and link the post to the product page on the second channel,  etc. If no channel is selected (All Available) , the random channel will be selected.
How can I add hashtags to my Social posts?
Using hashtags in Social networks makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Valigara gives opportunity to upload hashtags to products for further use in posts on relevant Social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+. There is an opportunity to prepare and upload several hashtags for products in bulk via Excel.
What is Valigara Social Module?

Linking Valigara to your social accounts allows you for automatically posting the information about your jewelry to your social pages. 

For example, Valigara can automatically post 3 most popular items from your eBay shop, each Friday at 18:00 PM, to your Pinterest board. Or post 2 random items form your Etsy jewelry collection to your Facebook page, each Monday 12:00. Your jewelry picture, eBay/Etsy price and link to the active eBay/Etsy listing will be shown in your Pinterest board / Facebook timeline. 

The Social marketing module plays an important role in creating the engagement with your existing clients and helps converting them into returning customers. Use the social module to cross-promote your products in your social networks. By creating the continuous inflow of your jewelry in your fan pages, you keep your fans and their networks aware of your most relevant offers, new / popular products etc. This engagement process supports your brand, your social activity, and prepares the background for the next sale. 

The Valigara supported social networks are:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google + 
  • Tumblr
  • Flicker

Social marketing converts buyers into returning buyers, and utilizes their networks to expand your market reach to more then 2 Billion social network users!

Opening accounts on marketplaces
Following is a brief summary of opening accounts on external marketplaces and Paypal
PayPal registration
Sign Up=>Business=>Open an account
After you filled in all the required company information and credit card information, you'll be asked to confirm your email address. After the email address in confirmed, the PayPal account will be opened in status "not verified". 
To verify the account, you can click on "Get verified" link on the My account page. The verification code will appear in your credit card recent operations list in several business days, and after you enter the code inPayPal verification window, the PayPal setup will be completed.
eBay registration
Sign In=>Register=>Start a business account
After you filled in all the required information, you can post first product for sale manually following eBay instructions:
My eBay=>Activity=>Sell=>Sell an item
On the next step you can subscribe for eBay store (Basic level can be used for new sellers) here.

After the first product is successfully posted and eBay store is open, your eBay seller account should be completed and ready to be connected with the Valigara management system.

Etsy registration
Sign In=>Register
After you filled in all the required information, you can click on "Open shop" button (usually it appears at the bottom of page), and post first product for sale manually following  Etsy instructions. 
After the first product is successfully posted, your Etsy shop is completed and ready to be connected with the Valigara management system.

Installing Magento plugin for Valigara
Put Valigara folder in the local directory:


Put Valigara_ConnectAPI.xml in the modules directory:
Log out & log in again to the magento admin panel
Go to System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Advanced (Link)
Click on Disable Modules Output to open the modules list.
Enable "Valigara_ConnectAPI" and Save.
Log out & log in again
Go to System -> Configuration -> Valigara -> API Connection (link)
write your Valigara username and password
Create an API user:
Go to System -> web services -> SOAP/XML - RPC Roles
+ Add new role
Call it "ALL"
go to Role Resources -> change "Custom" to "All" & Save.
Go to System -> web services -> SOAP/XML - RPC Users
+ Add new User
Fill in the user details.
Please note that user API KEY is sort of a password.
Go to user Role and check "ALL"
Connect the API user to Valigara
Go to System -> Configuration -> Valigara -> API Connection (link)
Fill in SOAP/XML username & API key
Also, fill in the API URL
please note that the URL should be:
http:/ your magento url /api/v2_soap/?wsdl
Save Config.
After you're connected, go to Valigara manage panel -> Channels -> Magento
Check your connection & Update the settings.
Etsy basic tips

Working with Etsy marketplace, we accumulated an experience of using features the site offers to promote jewelry items.

There is a list of basic tips that can improve your items performance on this marketplace and as a result might increase sales volume.

Listing management

  • Titles

To improve search results for your products, you can create Etsy titles from exact expressions and keywords that clients often use while searching for jewelry items.

To know what search keywords are the most popular, you can start typing some keyword in the Etsy search field and you'll receive a drop-down list of relevant search expressions. For example, for "gold earrings" you can see the following: rose gold earrings, 14k gold earrings, solid gold earrings and so on.

Putting the most important keywords at the beginning of a title also can improve search results for your item.

Etsy allows to use up to 140 symbols in product title, with that it's not necessarily to use all of them. A correctly defined 80-symbols title can receive more hits than a 140 symbols title with irrelevant keywords.

Even if there are some very similar items in your collection, Etsy still suggests to create different titles for them.

  • Product tags 

Etsy allows to use up to 13 product tags for each item and the suggestion is to fill all of them to improve search results. For your convenience there is a "Missing Etsy tags" block in the system Dashboard that shows in what items there are less than 13 Etsy tags, so that you can easily find and improve them.

As in the titles, in tags you can also use expressions, just please pay attention that a tag length is limited to 20 symbols. To optimize tags adding process, in Valigara system you can create beforehand a stock of most used products tags and check the relevant ones for each item.

While posting an item to Etsy, you can choose relevant site category as well as sub-categories to improve item search results. In addition to 13 tags allowed, Etsy automatically creates more product tags according to the selected category. For example, if you post an item to Jewelry=>Ring=>Gold, so the following three tags are added by Etsy: Jewelry, Ring, Gold and you still have 13 more tags to fill.

  • Product materials

Etsy allows to define up to 13 product materials for each item and the suggestion is to describe each material in several ways to improve search results (White Gold, 14K Gold, Black Onyx, Natural Onyxes...).

As in the titles, in materials you can also use expressions, just please pay attention that a material length is limited to 40 symbols. To optimize materials adding process, in Valigara system you can create beforehand a stock of most used products materials and check the relevant ones for each item.

  • Product template

Valigara system allows to create a posting template for Etsy products. In this template you can define all the relevant system fields you are interested to show for your items as well as links to your other products or pages to increase the shop traffic.

Social activity

Social activity is an important part of Etsy marketplace management. The more connections you create with other sellers and buyers, the more promotion you can get for your items.

You can increase the activity by:

  • creating treasury lists
  • favoring items and shops of other sellers
  • following different sellers and buyers
  • introducing yourself by creating "About me" page in your shop


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful process that can help improve the visibility of your shop and item listings in search engine results for sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You can optimize the shop title and shop announcement blocks in addition to products titles and tags optimization. More info about SEO issue you can find here.

Posting and Promotion

It's very important to keep your shop active all the time. You can do it with posting of new items, renewing of existing ones and use of search ads:

  • Scheduled post 

This Valigara feature can help you to plan your future activity and create uniform distribution of items appearance in the shop. For example, you can schedule 3-4 new items to be posted to site each Etsy evening 17:00-20:00 during the next month.

Choosing the most optimal hours and days for posting also can improve your items performance.

  • Renew

According to the Etsy search engine, renewed items as well as newly posted and relisted ones receive more boost in search results that can increase their chances for selling. Valigara system allows to renew a single item or a group of items according to a defined schedule similarly to scheduled post feature.

  • Sales

Putting your items on sale can attract more buyers. You can manage Etsy sales through Valigara Channels=>Etsy sales page.

  • Coupons

In your Etsy shop you can create discount coupons and offer them to your return or/and potential buyers to make them purchase more of your products.

  • Promotions

This Etsy feature offers a promoted appearance in search results for selected items according to the defined bids and your budget. More info about this feature you can find here.

Can I link several eBay or Etsy stores to Valigara?


Valigara allows you to link as many stores in each marketplace, according to your subscription plan. 

Important: please make sure you read and understand the rules and restrictions for running several stores simultaneously on the marketplace you're selling. For example, running several jewelry stores on the same marketplace for separate companies and different kinds of jewelry might be fine, while creating stores to post duplicate items would violate the rules. There are acceptable and forbidden use cases in each marketplace, so please be sure your stores run in compliance with these rules. We strictly recommend creation of sustainable long-run business on eBay, Etsy, Amazon and other channels to some short-run benefits of forbidden manipulations. 



How do I bulk insert my jewelry items into Valigara?

Valigara provides several import options of your jewelry. Except of creating your online jewelry catalog one-by-one in the system, you can:

- Import your items from Excel or other data file, using the our integrated importing system. Not only the technical information can be imported but also prices, commercial information and even product images. Images can be both copied from an online storage or uploaded directly from your computer and automatically assigned to your jewelry by our Picture Manager.

- Import your jewelry catalog from your online jewelry stores on Etsy, eBay, Amazon or loose diamonds catalog from Rapnet. Valigara will keep existing items active, while linking them to the system, so you can migrate smoothly, without having any downtown in your online store.

Can I import existing items from my eBay/Etsy/Rapnet account?
Yes.  When you integrate your marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, Rapnet) into your account, Valigara will offer you to automatically import all existing items in your store into the catalog. All the import will be done automatically by the system, no additional work is required. If you don't want your eBay /Etsy jewelry listings to be imported, You can skip this step.    
How do I connect my eBay / Etsy / Amazon account to Valigara

Integration of your selling channels with Valigara is done during the Setup process, or later by managing accounts in the desired Channel Settings page. 

For example, if you want to link an additional eBay account, go to Channels => eBay => eBay Settings and enter the Accounts selection. Here you can add more, manage and unlink your eBay accounts.

Linking the account is not forever. According to the marketplace rules, your external account will be linked for some time period, (half a year or more). We will remind you to renew the link once it expires. 


* Go to eBay accounts

* Go to Etsy accounts


What is the Online Jewelry Catalog?

Valigara offeres and Online Jewelry Catalog, which is automatically created from the items you upload into the system. Basically, Valigara Catalog provides you with your own eCommerce website that showcases your jewelry. By this you can make your jewelry accessible to millions online buyers, without a need of creation of an expansive website.

Why use it?

  • Your jewelry e-commerce website. Online presence is the key of each business these days, and showing up to the meeting, without having an website on your visit card might look strange. Valigara catalog is a well-balanced website, with all your jewelry and gemstones catalog and integrated shopping cart and wholesales module. With no effort you get the branded website that will represent you online 24/7!
  • Manage and expand your wholesale business. By creating registered users in Valigara, you will be able to adjust catalogs and even pricing for groups and individual distributors and resellers you work with. 
  • Integrate Valigara catalog into your main website. Sometimes we get stuck with some website we don't want to invest time, money and attention in it. But it is clear that jewelry business requires an accessible shopping channel for the clients who already know you. Integrate Valigara into your website, as part of it, and upgrade your website from the money-losing paragraph in your business to the most important line on the incomes side!


Can jewelry be sold on my website and external marketplaces at the same time?
Yes, you can sell your jewelry on all main marketplaces and at the same time in your website, by integrating Valigara catalog into it. This way, all management will be done from the Valigara Manager, having your e-commerce jewelry website syncronized with external marketplaces, f.i. eBay,Etsy, Amazon or other. Furthermore, Valigara allows creation of fully customized dedicated websites in her basis. The constructed website will share the same inventory. With that it is important to understand, that Valigara allows you to define for each item, where to show/hide it, and what is the price for each selling channel.
On what marketplaces can I sell my jewelry with Valigara?
Valigara Jewelry Manager integrates with all major marketplaces, relevant for jewelers and diamond sellers. These includes,, and other local eBay sites;,;;;;; The list is constantly growing. See all The social marketing pack includes Facebook store, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumbler, Flickr. Valigara automatically creates your dedicated eCommerce minisite, with your online jewelry catalog and an extensive distributors module.
Managing multiple price levels for your jewelry

In addition to having unique prices for your online marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Bonanza etc), Valigara allows setting additional price levels: for example for distributors, shops, large networks and small retailers, your dedicated online catalog and many other...

It is possible to define as many prices as needed, by creating additional fields in Catalog->Additional Fields. Simply define "prices" in new field's set, and it will appear with all other prices. 

 To create prices easily, use "Calculate prices" in System menu in the Catalog page.

For example, set "Shop price" = "Purchase price" + 30% 

Photographing your jewelry for eCommerce

Good photos of your jewelry are the must-have for online sales. Considering the fact that the potential buyer cannot try and feel the jewelry on his body , visual information is the only one he can use to create his impression.  

Your jewelry photography for eCommerce varies from taking pictures for the fashion catalog. It might not require the top-level processing and chick quality, with that there are few very important points:

- More is better. 10 different positions of your products is great. Have at least 4 positions for each product. And in any case, not less than 2 positions. In this case it is very useful to crop out additional closeups photos from the existing photos.
- Include different angles and positions, providing as much information as possible.
- If there are some markings on your jewelry (brand name, metal purity etc.) , it is important to show them.
- Use white background for your jewelry (At least you are going to sell on Etsy. Amazon requires only white background, eBay is going to.) 
- Add pictures of the jewelry on the body. This will provide the information about real proportions of your jewelry. If this is not possible, use some standard object (coin, matchbox etc) to demonstrate the measurements. 
- No reflections, or very gentle ones (it could be considered misleading, as your buyer might understand that you are selling 2 items) .
- Large resolution. We recommend to have more than 1000 pixels on the short side.
- While applying logo watermark , it should be small and not distract viewers from the product itself. (eBay requires it to be up to 5% of the picture)
- Apply no borders, as it is forbidden in several marketplaces.
- Keep the large source files, this way you can post-process the photos of your jewelry later for more uses. 
 - Learn to take photos in-house. In the long term, it is not rocket-science and will serve you in many cases. For example, your buyer might have more questions you will answer by sending the additional photos of your jewelry. 
- Do not limit yourself to photography only! Consider adding videos of your jewelry. Today's technology and equipment make video an important and accessible tool. 
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