eBay and Etsy (!) sales management


Attract jewelry buyers on eBay and Etsy

Sales and discounts are part of e-commerce game.  “35% Christmas sale!!!” , “50% end of season discount!!!”,  “November special offers!!” – this phrases are clear and loved by everyone. Sales and discounts are part of the game. This is why Valigara Online Jewelry Managee provides a unique opportunity to manage your jewelry discounts on most marketplaces. Even that the marketplaces do not allow it directly! Valigara continuously learns how leading sellers introduce sales on eBay and Etsy and adjusts itself to the best working practices!


  • Create sales on eBay.
  • Unique feature: create sales on Etsy!
  • Quickly add items on sale, per product or per collection.
  • Define discounts as percentage or amount from the price.
  • Schedule discounts to run in precise dates.