Jewelry eCommerce Website and other Branded Points of Sale for your online expansion strategy.  

We often hear: “My eBay / Etsy / Amazon jewelry store creates a good sales for my jewelry. So it  is enough for my online business”.

We don’t see it like this. External marketplaces do an excellent job in selling your jewelry online today, but the your own points of sale are the key for the established, LONG-TERM JEWELRY BUSINESS.

Why is your website important? 

Let’s compare the selling your jewelry on the external marketplaces (such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Sears, Bonanza etc) via your own website:

External marketplace Your ECommerce website
  • High – your potential buyers are exposed to thousands of great sellers
  • None – your jewelry is the only one your potential buyers are exposed to
Cost of sale
  • High – selling on marketplaces means you leave a sufficient fee to the marketplace
  • None – there is no mediator in your selling
Sale process
  • Non-adjusted – marketplaces provide the same experience for buying all kinds of products, while each one requires its own unique approach
  • Adjusted  – you can control how to represent your jewelry and provide best selling experience
  • None – clients do not create strong awareness of your brand
  • 100% – clients know who they buy from and associate their purchase with your company

This is why the website plays an important role in creating an established, well-balanced online marketing strategy.

Keeping the returning clients in mind, (remember the 80%-20% rule? 80% money come from 20% of clients) , your website becomes the final goal for all your marketing efforts, your ultimate point of sale, and the core element of the successful onilne sales-marketing strategy.

Tools for Branded Jewelry eCommerce

Valigara offers several solutions for creating your branded online presence, matching different business profiles and needs.

  • VShop – dedicated Jewelry eCommerce Website.

VShop is the complete solution for your online presence and branding.  Created by unique specifications and designed for your brand, this website is fully integrated with other sales channels, requiring no additional learning of any management systems.

  • VCatalog – Jewelry V-site and Catalog

This standard website is created by Valigara to allow you having your own ECommerce website without spending additional money on design and programming. Reach with all major elements, required for successful jewelry trade, VCatalog is an immediate solution, to put a website address on your business card.

Integrating your existing Magento / WooCommerce / WordPress or other Shopping Cart based website is easy. Using the set for ready plugins for all major Carts, your website is instantly synchronized with the Valigara inventory, stock, orders and clients!