December news are known for the endless summaries, infographics, checklists and all kind of “Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendars”. You’ve surely already received few of them. Colors change, but the main focuses stay the same. Let’s keep it short and clear.

Holidays To-Do’s for December 

    • Super-fast shipping – clients late with their gifts become nervous and are ready to pay double for the fast  delivery. If your overnight shipping costs more than the product itself – it’s OK.
    • Aggressive sales – December is the last chance. Boom coupons and discounts, killer sales for existing clients – now is the time
    • Religious jewelry. There is much more than the Christian holidays in this  month. Jewish Chanukka adds to sales. Islamic holidays are far from the season in 2019. Look for more opportunities. 

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December eCommerce news

eCommerce-wise, here are some remarkable things we’ve bumped into lately: 

  1. FedEx is no longer available on the FBA plans
    FedEx is no longer a part of Amazon’s FBA operation. For fine jewelry that’s heavily based on the last-minute orders, Amazon’s switch can challenge our ability to quickly and reliably deliver our jewelry. FedEx now free by agreements with FBA is to introduce new services to online sellers. 
  2. eBay publishes the “eBay Open” videos
    The latest eBay Open videos are published covering all sides of eBay’s operation. Besides multiple tips on Seller Hub, Conversion Tools, Shipping Tips, Seller Protections and more, videos include the Category Leadership session with Director of Fashion “Renee Paradise” , where Jewelry category belongs to.

  3. Walmart to fight Amazon? 
    Latest Walmart’s report says its eCommerce department grows 37% in the last quarter. The company also hints at some investments it continues to make to remain competitive online. Obviously Walmart’s direct opponent is Amazon, and interestingly Walmart puts its stakes on the 3rd party marketplace, an opposite from Amazon. Coincidence? 
  4. US adds more taxes on China jewelry
    US government introduces the additional 10% import tax on a long list of jewelry and gemstone products, imported from China. The tax is due to hit on September 1st and includes diamonds, gemstones, silver jewelry and more. Does this move really create an opportunity for the local manufacturers and etailers?