Tuesday 14th July 2020 at 11:00 am EST

18:00 pm Jerusalem     

16:00 pm London         

8:00 am Los Angeles


Practical session –  10 things to improve your eBay jewelry store performance

Selling jewelry on eBay is a game of numbers. Lots of numbers, representing parameters, influencing your eBay store performance. Loosing just a few % on each one, results in loosing the visibility and sell-ability of your jewelry. Meaning – loosing money.

What if you find 10 places, each one adding 10% to your sales? Or draining… Count the numbers.

In this practical session we will review some live jewelry eBay stores, drill-down into all aspects of specific listings, show successes and (most important!) mistakes, and help identify most opportunities for improving the eBay listing and store performance.

– how to quickly audit your eBay listing
– easy-to-improve factors to improve your eBay sales
– best practices and most common mistakes in selling jewelry eBay
– live Q&A


Igor Nusinovich

CEO at Valigara Online Jewelry Manager

  • One of the most recognized worldwide online marketing specialists in jewelry industry.
  • Jewelry eCommerce veteran, managed more than 100 online jewelry stores.
  • More than 15 years in eCommerce, one of the first eBay employees in Israel.
  • Adviser for Israeli Export Institute, Payoneer and multiple jewelry brands.
  • Founder of Valigara Online Jewelry Manager – the leading jewelry eCommerce platform.