Partners Program

Find the right Valigara partnership program for your business

  • Qualified Valigara Professionals
  • Business Partners
  • ECommerce Studios
  • Services Providers


=> for eCommerce Pro’s

Qualified Valigara Professionals

Are you the eCommerce trading specialist in jewelry and diamonds industry?

You will quickly see the advantages of using Valigara for your daily operations!

Valigara provides special solutions for professionals, who has proven the ability to provide top-service multi-channel service to jewelers over the world. Valigara supports QVPs (Qualified Valigara Professionals) in growing their Valigara-related businesses and making them stand out as the jewelry eCommerce specialists.

  • Connect jewelers interested in operating their online sales with Qualified Professionals
  • Provide training on advanced Valigara Manager topics
  • Provide ongoing support and supervision to Valigara Online Jewelry accounts

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=> for business people

Business Partners (Distributors)

Work closely with jewelers and diamond sellers? Looking to see their online business grow?
Help jewelers get into the most advanced and professional eCommerce software, and enjoy their success!

Become a Valigara Business Partner and get special pricing on the Valigara packages. This is a great opportunity to:

  • Provide additional value to your existing clients
  • Monetize your connections in the jewelry and diamonds eCommerce industry
  • Offer your audience exclusive access to the major eCommerce solution in the industry
  • Extend your services into reselling the leading jewelry management software

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=> for jewelry eCommerce studios

Studio Accounts

Valigara Studio account provides special payment terms and services for purchase and management of multiple accounts. This easy-to-scale program provides special offers to using the unique Valigara’s jewelry eCommerce technology. Depending on  your business strategy, Valigara Studio account can become the , or provide additional benefit to your clients.

Adding Valigara technology to your services pack is a solid opportunity to:

  • create additional value in your offering to your clients
  • increase the lifetime value of your clients
  • permanent source of passive income for your company
  • increase your clients’ engagement with your company

Valigara Studio account is especially useful for eCommerce professionals, managing online jewelry / diamonds sales for several customers.  In addition to special pricing, by accessing the Valigara Studio account your jewelry eCommerce specialists will be able to:

  • get access to multiple customers accounts
  • quickly switch between the managed accounts
  • effectively organize workflow in single work space
  • have different access levels in each clients’ account

Using the Studio account, your Valigara licenses will qualify for special discounts:

Connected accountsMonthly fee discount, %
10 and up25


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* If you do not provide services related to jewelry eCommerce, please visit our Affiliate Program page.



=> for service providers

Professional Services Providers

As a world center of jewelry eCommerce, Valigara has an established network of service providers, related to online jewelry trade.

We are always looking to help our clients grow. If this means introducing them to a

By joining the network, your service will be exposed to hundreds of jewelers over the world, active or planning to start their jewelry eCommerce business.

Who is it good for?

  • Jewelry websites Designers
  • Jewelry websites Developers
  • eCommerce and Marketing pro’s
  • Jewelry Photography and post-processing
  • Online Insurance and Shipping companies
  • and many more.

Want us to refer clients to you?

No costs.
Simply tell us about your business, and we will remember it.

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