Product Information Management module updates - Webinar

Join us for our monthly Jewelry eCommerce Webinar series to learn about Product Information Management, and how to get it right in order to boost your jewelry eCommerce business. In this expert session, Igor Nusinovich will share insights about the importance of Product Information to jewelry shopping

Using the Valigara's PIM tools for better online results

How to use content generators, formulas, listing updates, and other automation to improve your store performance

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Tuesday, Jun 21th, 2022

11am New York | 4pm London | 6pm Tel Aviv


ceo Igor Nusinovich Sell jewelry online

Igor Nusinovich

CEO, valigara online




This webinar will include a presentation with Igor Nusinovich, CEO at Valigara Online Jewelry Manager and an International Jewelry eCommerce Expert


  • A leading worldwide expert in jewelry eCommerce and online marketing
  • Jewelry eCommerce veteran, managed more than 100 online jewelry stores
  • 15+ years in eCommerce, a former manager at eBay
  • Advisor to the Israeli Export Institute and leading jewelry brands
  • Founder and CEO of Valigara, the leading platform for jewelry eCommerce management


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