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“Valigara has opened our business to new huge markets! Before joining Valigara, we were using only Etsy as marketplace for our boutique jewelry. In a short time, by performing really simple steps, we were able to sell on two additional and most important marketplaces, and to this day we have more then tripled our sales volume! Our whole business is now running on new level, with half the manpower we required before. I believe this tool is a unique opportunity for jewelry sales and business online. Thank you!”
Ben Kan, Owner, BK Jewelry, KZ



“We used Valigara to create the complete solution on eBay, Etsy and our website. Now, in less than a half year,  we run a very solid sales with more than 6100 jewelry items online, which  we definitely couldn’t even imagine.  I would also love to personally thank each one in the Support team for the help we received in each case, in each question – without it we wouldn’t be able to progress so fast. Thank you guys!”
Eliya Stein, EverDiamonds



“Absolutely must-have, saves a lot of time, nerves and gives a real push to my business! Impressive results!”
Mike Brandon, Strata Jewelry


“Thank you very much, Valigara, for this wonderful service!  </br>I work alone and, to be keen, I am not too good in Internet. Before start using Valigara I was hardly managing my Etsy account with 80 items. Managing both eBay and Etsy at the same time seemed impossible to me. It was amazing how I could copy all my jewelry from Etsy to Ebay, and how much time it saves me to work now with my catalog, orders and clients, all in one place!”
Strata Gend, Strata Jewelry



“Valigara has totally changed the way we work. </br>With the catalogs automatization we gained better control on what happens in our business. We were able to improve our work with distributors and resellers. We found partners and our jewelry is available in additional 15 countries,  and we had our first wholesale sales in less than one year!  And most important ,  with Valigara’s easy catalog and prices management we can better plan our work, distribute loads and polish our price strategy instantly.”



“As a traditional jewellers family business, Internet sales are not our strong part. We were hesitating if to join Valigara for a long time, as we didn’t know how so sell our jewelry internationally.  The start was not easy, but it paid off… Now we gave up 90% of local stores market, working mostly with eBay and Etsy through Valigara, and also managing wholesale requests from stores who find us on marketplaces. We re-structured the production process and it raised our revenue by more than 300%! “
Julia Gumush, Gumush Jewelry



“Only after using Valigara for about a year we understand now, what of a great impact we had on our business thanks to Valigara. For a very affordable price of Silver plan we received much more than we expected: the mini-site, ability to handle orders from our offline sales, PDF catalogs, shipping labels, built-in mailing system, distributors management interface… We didn’t expect to get SO much from this system, it totally over-provided and is full with very useful features.  Keep going, Valigara, jewellers totally need you!”
Ariel H, InfiJewelry