Our programmers do a very hard work, and the updates come so quickly we don’t always have time to post them. 🙂

Here is another set of Valigara September improvements:

  • Improved/reworked: Orders edit page
    • products tables design
    • better logic for adding product to order, now products can be added to order in all statuses not only in ordered status!
  • Improved: fancy extractor (reseller  price is now taken from client’s xml)
  • Improved: products export for proper description exporting
  • Improved: ebay auction block logic
  • Improved: PayPal integration
  • Improved: when single item is sold it is automatically marked as not for sale
  • Fixed: etsy mass remove and mass post for single products 

 Enjoy and stay updated, there are many new great features to come! 🙂