Dear Valigarers!

We want to wish you a great 2020! 

I took this opportunity to summarize what happened to us and where our eyes are on. 

2019 was a wonderful year! 


Saying “2019 was productive” doesn’t say anything… We introduced so many new features we hardly believe it our-self. 🙂 

  • Walmart. We’ve added one of the most influential US marketplaces to our channels list. Protected and actively growing, we believe it can be a great addition to your online sales operation. 
  • Purchasing module. Now you can completely manage your work with providers and keep track of your physical inventory. Issue Inventory Receipts, create Purchase orders, manage Transfers between stock locations. 
  • POS and classical retail. We made sure that our integration with Shopify gives us the access to the Shopify POS – the easiest solution for the classical POS and offline retail needs. 
  • Invoicing module. We added integration with Quickbooks and GreenInvoice systems, to make your administration smooth and easy. Now your do all required paperwork for your orders directly from Valigara.
  • MailChimp module. Email marketing is a “glue” between the short-term and long-term business. Send your clients data into the the largest email sending system, in few clicks. This makes your email marketing even more easy and flexible. 
  • Feeds module. Now you can make your products data available for anyone instant, and updated. Want to have an updated feed for Facebook store or Google Products? Now you have it. 
  • VStore. We completely reworked and upgraded our websites module.  so you can build your modern and custom eCommerce website, directly with Valigara. No need in additional shipping cart software, and the website can be fully developed by your team.  


  • We added more than 70 explanatory articles to our Solution Center
  • We integrated the solution system into the interface, making it easier to reach. 
  • Our dedicated support team has an easy-to-call USA call number. 

What is waiting for us in 2020?


  • More integrations. We will continue adding more marketplaces, ecommerce and  services systems. Will it be Shipstation, Zapier, USPS, TMall or other systems – we valuate them together with you, it’s up to you to decide what is most relevant for your business. 
  • Branded eCommerce with VCatalog.  We are actively reworking our mini-sites module, to take you online more easily. You will be able to get a fully operational eCommerce website in just just few minutes, and fully customize it when needed. 
  • Easier and more intuitive UI. We continue to make Valigara not just powerful, but easy to use. We will continue to implement the Basic/Advanced modes of the UI, to make sure the system adjusts itself to the complexity level you’re looking for. 
  • Extended API. We continue to add more access to your data from everywhere. The improved API makes the work more seamless and gives you more control over your data flow. 
  • Infrastructure. We are making multiple improvements in our servers technology. This will keep you more safe, and make us proud and sleep better at nights. 🙂


  • We aim to get the 24/7 online support, to make sure you’re covered. 
  • We have ignited some fascinating cooperation with one of the leading eCommerce agencies, to  provide you more help in taking your jewelry business forward. We will 

Jewelry eCommerce authority

We feel that our position of the leader in jewelry eCommerce authority, together with our goal of rising the technological level of the jewelry industry, obliges us into sharing the unique knowledge we gather. 

  • Meetups and monthly webinars. In 2019 we started the Jewelry eCommerce Meetup group, and we are dedicated to continue bringing the most professional knowledge into it. 
  • Our Jewelry eCommerce Articles knowledge base keeps growing, to turn Valigara website into the valuable asset for your eCommerce teams. We summarize the proven industry leaders’ knowledge into a practical and structured and easy-to-follow advises. 
  • We establish collaborations with the most professional players in the jewelry eCommerce to create the most updated, exclusive and professional content in all spheres of the jewelry eCommerce industry. 


We thank all you being part of our journey, and wish you a pleasant flight. Enjoy selling!

Igor Nusinovich, CEO

and the Valigara Team