Yesterday we had the our April’s “Valigara New Features Monthly” webinar.

The webinar is available on Youtube:

Following are the new features we discussed:

Marketplace management:
– Etsy Attributes support
– Posting / revising : Price field separated from Format to allow revising of different formats together
– Revising: “Keep unchange” option enabled for single product revise (eBy, Etsy, Amazon)
– Revising: if set “Keep unchange”, the manually edited on the marketplace values are not overridden (eBy, Etsy)
– eBay / Etsy / Amazon listings & activity log pages: search by design template added

Inventory management & Jewelry Data management:
– Full product search in Models
– Copy data for Gemstones
– Apply random title generator when creating content
– Variations fields: select value per channel

– UX:
– Standatized drops-downs lists
– Auto-complete in drop-down menus

Enjoy selling!

Valigara Team