January and February are traditionally the most demanding months in jewelry business. This is why we have received huge amount of feed-backs and improvement suggestions from our clients. We were glad to work hard and have introduced more then 40 (!) new features in 1 month! Here are some of them: 


Inventory management

The new “Add new product” wizard simplifies the process of new product creation. 

Product images manager now has multiple image selection  option, drag-and-drop pictures management

Ring Sizes has got a major rework, and extended to Product Sizes . This improvement allows creating separate sizes for different kinds of jewelry. F.i. 5,6,7,8 for rings and at the same time 42, 44, 46 for chains and necklaces. This important upgrade was implemented on all levels of Products, Models, Types and in Import /Export module. 


Facebook store has got a lot of fine-tuning in the general layout, cart operation, Paypal integration, Own it / Want it buttons functionality and  improved search filters.

We also added the WWW selection to the list of available sales channels for all products. This channel can be set up to lead to the product page on VCatalog – the integrated Valigara online jewelry catalog and mini-site,  VStore – full Valigara-based jewelry eCommerce website, or any external website.  This addition comes to empower you personal eCommerce website – the final target of any online jewelry business.  


As usual, many twicks to orders (such as “last updated” field), shipping labels and packing slips


Better automatic selection of  relevant listing on revision. 


Under many Etsy twicks, the “Renew on Etsy” was most welcomed by our clients. Renewing listings is a useful trick many seller do on Etsy, it became an easy 1-click operation with Valigara. 

Tags revision. Tags play a critical role in performance of jewelry on Etsy. This is why we added an ability to bulk add / remove / replace tags for multiple items. F.i. it might be useful to quickly add “Valentines gift” or “Love jewelry” for all your jewelry before the Valentines day, and Valigara allows doing it with single action. 

Etsy variations become more common and solid, we stay tuned with it too. 


Valigara’s integrated online eCommerce catalog appears to provide an excellent solution for jewelers, who have no own website. To improve the personal feeling of it, we added a manageable “About us” page. 

See example of the VCatalog


Large table, such as in Etsy / eBay Listings and Orders pages have now columns selection. You can select exactly what data to see! Still, sometimes is better to see all data in one page, this is what the horizontal scroller in tables comes to solve. 


Unwatched/watched items stats were united, more relevant data was inserted into the reports for better understanding. 

Performance report

To summarize for you the most important information about your jewelry online performance, we created the Performance report page and Performance mail template, which is sent to you monthly. Use it to analyze your current status and find more opportunities to improve your performance. 


As a professional tool, Valigara has an extensive setup. We were working hard to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. 

Valigara Mobile 

Mobile version for Valigara is in the air!

Even that Valigara is the work tool for jewelry professionals, which implies working with a powerful workstation or laptop with large monitor,  we understand you have to stay on the move and adjust ourself accordingly.The phone and tablet options of the system are adjusted for best browsing experience and performance.  


Valigara has gained her own API – Application Programming Interface. API is a special interface that allows communication with our system. This means, any external system can be easily integrated with Valigara, such as your ERP, internal shipping management system, CRM or any other software. All these can use the standard interface to instantly communicate with Valigara. For now, Valigara API allows:

– Products update / import / product id search
– Orders Export & Client Export

The interface keeps growing, the API documentation is available on our website. 


In-the-system notifications now allow our admins to easily update you about news and important features.

View as client” option also helps us to better understand what you see and guide you exactly through the same interface as yours.