We know small things make all the difference. This is why we spend a lot of time to re-work existing features, find better solutions for working with the system and try to simplify and shorten all processes…  Latest updates in the system put a lot of things in their place:

User Interface (UI) improvements
  • Dashboard became more interactive – each field leads to the corresponding page in the system. This way you can easily manage your jewelry, channels and orders for better performance. 
  • You can now choose the length of the Additional Fields you create in product. 
  • Each channel became his dedicated “Settings” page with shipping/accounts/templates and so on
  • Empowered Valigara’s website (WWW) design with more graphics for better look and feel

eBay module

  • Improved: faster update via eBay if product has ended on eBay – it allows to relist items in proper time
  • Adding products to an eBay sale now runs in batch process, allowing you to keep working while your store is updated
  • Fixed: Ebay default auction duration on mass post 
Etsy module 
  • Added gemstone color to Etsy variations 
  • Re-ordered Etsy Tags for better search

Orders and Clients management

  • Added/Improved: When the order status is changed on Ebay/Etsy (in future all channels), Valigara status will be changed only if the priority of new status is higher than old one. Example: order status was “Sent” and the status on eBay changes to “Paid” – status will be not changed; order status in Valigara is “Incomplete” and on Ebay changes to “Paid”, also the Valigara status will be changed to “Paid”
  • Improved: Mail templates design 
Catalog improvements
  • Product Images multi-select & delete or upload
  •  Improved: Parsing product fields in eBay/Etsy templates
  • Images product manager now supports additional file name formats:  xxxx_y.zzz or xxxx-y.zzz or xxxx y.zzz or xxxx (y).zzz
  • In testing: You can select what product fields will be exported to excel