It is simply impossible to write down to write down all the changes and improvements that we make here daily. We work closely with our clients, to improve and move forward. Summarizing, we can stress few directions in our current work: 

  • ease of operation with multiple products through better automation and data importing-exporting system
  • support the 3rd step of our “Marketplace-Social-Website” online presence concept
  • multilinguality, to reach quickly developing international markets
  • advanced trading features to make you benefit more from all online channels

Let’s take a brief look at last changes.

We have massively invested in our VShop module. At the end, a dedicated, well-performing jewelry e-commerce website is the best selling channel. No competitors, no fees, a clients flow, adjusted to your business logics…

  • Multi-Language support
  • Coupons system
  • Variations support
  • Multi-currency support, including for Paypal integration
  • Learning center improvements

Online Jewelry Catalog (distributors minisite) was also enriched with several new features.

  • more agile creation of PDF version of the catalog, including new ways to sort your jewelry in the printed version and selection if to show or not the complete products list
  • introduced SEO tags for each product page, to make your online catalog discoverable by search engines and become part of your online branding strategy

Multi-linguality is an important part of the game. Now your catalog work for you with additional markets!

  1. Products and listings multi-linguality
  2. BETA: Product, metals,gemstones,types,collections – now can be translated BETA
  3. Catalog search now also searches in product translations
  4. Multilingual in VShop jewelry e-commerce module
  5. Product Inline edit + multi-language inline edit

Data import/export

  • New fields on diamond import: polish,symmetry,fluorescent
  • Products partial update
  • Etsy import – quantity and description now exported properly
  • updated example import format file

Facebook gets more sophisticated and engaging

  • Want it / Own it works add post to feed + action center. Means better social performance! 
  • Own it / Want it buttons are now saved better to provide visitor more personalized feel
  • new Facebook application design! New elegant, rich and better performing design. (And this is only the first version, we already have some plans of improving it…)


  • Extensive eBay templates editing abilities,  including hashtags and full styles support. This is very important for your ability to test your designs for performance. 
  • many improvements in listings handling
  • eBay sales mechanism improvements


  • make Etsy bulk listing more handy
  • avoid duplicate tags and restricted them to 20 symbols
  • Improved variations and quantities support


  • revise items in batch
  • switch to the new, more flexible Gemstones structure

Some unique features

  • Shipping labels and Package Slips for all Orders
  • Ability to flip images for all/specified products – in case you’re stuck with only 1 picture of your product


  • Unwatched items statistics
  • “Now on” information provides additional angle for reports

Valigara’s API (external data feeds integrations)

  • added more fields to communicate with websites, management systems and other data sources. 
  • adjusted to the new Gemstones structure

User Interface gets our attention on a daily basis. We test and add, test and remove, test and change permanently, to make every button, check-box, line and link work for you more efficiently. 

  • improved the Registration and setup process 
  • numerous usability twicks, shortcuts and other improvements
  • introduced many in-line helpers in all pages and system fields, so you know how to get maximum from each click and page


We keep on going, and we hope you enjoy the changes!