This week was amazing! We worked hard and came up with lots of new features and improvements to Valigara platform and the website. Following is the short list of updates. We couldn’t include it all as it would take too long. 🙂

  1. Products quick search – searches by id,old code, and product title
  2. Improved Etsy tags work
  3. Products import:
    1. added new field Product Image Links (separated by ; ) for multiple images import from one cell,
    2. renamed fields Product image link to Product Single Image Link
  4. Added Loading note for some long actions like posting to eBay/ Etsy
  5. Models page – added columns sorting
  6. Added different page titles for edit product/post product to Ebay/Etsy ect.
  7. Added Image storage page – option to add images to system to future use with import
  8. Products export to excel was improved – now you can select products to export. Also the time required for the generation of the export file, was significantly reduced.
  9. Rapnet module improved – added Rapnet values to diamonds tables Cuts,Shapes,Clarities,Polish,Treatment for proper posting to Rapnet.
  10. Product image manager improved – added option to add images to products without replacing images
  11. Added smtp mailer functions for future use(sendgrid)
  12. Mass post/revises on Ebay/Etsy now opens in new window
  13. Improved work of all List pages (like additional fields,colors ect.)
  14. Improved stats counter for faster client country detection
  15. Many design changes/fixes