We keep working full-time, with large plans and lots of fun. 🙂

Some of recent updates in Valigara system


  1. We are glad to introduce the updated and much more convenient product page. We re-ordered the product fields according to your priorities and requests, now it is much easier to view and edit. 
  2. To save some workplace, we have added an option to hide the side menu. See more on one screen!
  3. Now products stay visible in orders, even if deleted from the system. With all selling information: title, selling price, and even large picture.  This way you will have your history kept, with no limitation to your current catalog. 
  4. Working with Etsy became easier:
    1. Several bulk operations for etsy were added: 
    2. Etsy listings renew
    3. Etsy tags on edit mode are now better ordered, also the product page tags were sorted more intuitively
  5. Large tables handling – we have added a very useful horizontal scroller and floating header that stays visible on 100 rows display. This allows much easier viewing of details, when you want to inspect many columns at the same screen. 
  6. Gallery view for your PDF catalogs: optimal for quick visual search.
  7. Products images quick deletion – just to make simple things simple 🙂
  8. The Dashboard becomes more interactive, allowing you to reach the exact items


  1. Items multi-selection in Inventory management, to allow bulk operations.
  2. Ebay mass post for auctions – now all product auctions are posted , not limited by the number
  3. Picture thumbnail is enlarged to big picture when you mouse-over it. This way you can see exact details of your jewelry if there are many similar products in your catalog.