Our Team

Igor Nusinovich
Igor NusinovichFounder, CEO
Experienced entrepreneur and manager. More then 15 years in Internet industry. Believe in team as the keystone of every business success. Specialist in jewelry and diamonds e-commerce, online marketing and product management. Share years of experience in online software industry, software projects planning and management, strategic planning, business development and management.

Full-time father to 3 and yogi.

Valery Gumush
Valery GumushFounder, CTO
Top-level web specialist and enthusiast with deep understanding of each stage in project life cycle. Project manager with 17 years of experience and more than 400 successful online projects. Strategist and technical authority with unique wide range of knowledge . Believe that the high professionalism, integrity and strong team is the keystone to each project’s success.

Father to 2, NLP trainer and Buddhist.

Anton Shyndin
Anton ShyndinR&D team lead
 Anton calls himself “The Main Wishmaster” and we agree. Anything that the eCommerce specialist can wish, and can exist in the Internet world, happens in the hands of Anton’s team quickly and efficiently. 
Ido Sinar
Ido SinarECommerce analyst
Ido brings a vast experience in the eCommerce world. His main target is to understand what it takes to successfully sell jewelry online , so we can provide the best technological solution for the jewelry eCommerce needs. 
Anna Waynshteyn
Anna WaynshteynTraders team lead
Anna is the person who knows that Valigara really works. Her team uses our system daily, to trade in more then 80(!) online stores. So she is the one who knows each bit and byte of Valigara, and how to use it to grow your jewelry online sales.



Many of us are long-time friends, knowing each other from the university, common interests, even same families. This is why we love to stay together, also besides the work hours. We grab our families and go for travel, bowling or find some other funny (and possibly enriching) things to do.

This is us travelling North Galilee

This is us travelling North Galilee with our families 

This is us bowling, during the electricity outage in the office :)

This is us bowling, during the electricity outage in the office :)

This is us making some paper pictures in Japanese style

This is us making some paper pictures in Japanese style

And we are very excited about what we do at Valigara!

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