Sell jewelry and diamonds online: 3 steps to a successful jewelry eCommerce

How do you sell jewelry online, effectively? 

Website marketing costs are huge, marketplace fees “eat” all the revenues, social posts don’t really sell…

The solution is a 3-step marketing strategy – a combination of external marketplaces, a branded eCommerce website and social networks. Together, these create a unique synergy of online marketing efforts. 

By combining several points of online presence, you effectively utilize the advantages of each, and increase the output of all channels.

1. Marketplaces bring new clients to your website, without the need for expensive marketing campaigns

2. Branded jewelry eCommerce website adds credibility to your eBay and Amazon stores, and produces higher revenue rates,

3. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping keep your target audience updated on new deals, in all stores

This is why a combination of all channels is crucial for online jewelry sales success!



Sell jewelry and diamonds on multiple marketplaces: and 30 localized eBay marketplaces, and 12 localized Amazon websites, Etsy, Walmart, Sears,, & more

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Your existing clients base and social marketing are the ultimate tools to create a long-lasting online business.

Stay engaged with clients, create brand awareness and prepare your buyers for their next purchase.

1. Use targeted email marketing to stay in touch with your existing clients
2. Automatically post products on social networks, including Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google+ and more
3. Instantly create a branded Facebook store

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Your website is the ultimate place to close the best deal with clients. An adjusted sales process, no mediators and competitors, and no external fees.

1. Establish your jewelry brand online with a tailor-made Valigara-based jewelry eCommerce website
2. Integrate existing Magento / WooCommerce / Shopify (or other open source) website into your global eCommerce strategy
3. Showcase jewelry to your distributors with a Valigara-based online jewelry V-site and catalog






with the 3-step marketing synergy, your buyer’s journey gets more power. 

How does this work? Here is a simple example:


  • You find a new buyer with your Etsy store. You enlarge your clients base while being profitable (instead of of paying thousands of dollars for your website promotion)
  • While making a purchase, your potential buyer googles your brand name, to find a nice website. It adds more credibility to your Etsy store, and supports buyer’s readiness to close a deal on Etsy. 
  • After a purchase, your Etsy buyer is added to the central CRM – your marketing foundation. 
  • Using the email and social marketing, you prepare your audience for the returning purchase. 
  • As your buyer already has a good experience buying from you,he feels confident to make the second purchase on your website!
Combining and balancing these flows, you maximize your traffic effectiveness, for each channel and the business in whole. 

Where is Valigara in jewelry eCommerce process?

Strong and agile back-office

To serve multiple channels simultaneously, online selling of jewelry requires a strong back-office. This is especially important in jewelry and diamond industries because of the high competition and the many unique, non-repeatable items. If not managed quickly and correctly, such items will result in over-selling and can cause negative feedbacks.

1. Monitor and fine-tune the jewelry status and activity on each marketplace.
2. Unifiy jewelry and gemstones stock for all marketplaces.
3. Automatic actions for posting, revising, renewing items.
4. Posting scheduling for each marketplace.
5. Automatic listings on marketplaces.
6. Multiple prices and prices operations.
7. Instantly create sales and manage prices on multiple marketplaces
Verify items before adding them to the eBay store.
Multiple description templates for connected stores
Complete product history and changelog
Multi-lingual system- expand into additional local marketplaces

Jewelry and Diamonds eCommerce adaptation

Selling a chair, a DVD and a diamond ring is not the same.

Valigara converts your jewelry information into an online advantage:

1. Automatically converts the product data into marketing data, with the Product Information Management module (PIM)
2. Post jewelry items to the marketplaces correctly, improving the match to the search algorithms
3. Automatically generate and place eBay Specifics, Etsy keywords, Amazon bullets, SEO slugs etc.
4. Use relevant jewelry and diamond trade channels (such as Etsy, Rapnet and other)
5. Keep correct jewelry catalog structure: collections, models, gemstones, metals, certificates, jewelry sets, weights and other jewelry parameters
6. Correctly manage the inventory for products, gemstones and metals
7. Virtual inventory – create multiple jewelry variations, easily creating all matching model and gemstone combinations

Sell more, work smart.

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