Jewelry PIM - Online jewelry catalog management

Handle your jewelry catalog, with ease

Taking your jewelry business online means all information about your business, jewelry, diamonds, metals, and gemstones has to be available for you and your business partners. This information includes technical specifications, commercial information, photos and videos, 3D models and files, certificates and appraisals, and much more. The matching software turns the internal, ERP-like jewelry information into multiple marketing assets. 


Why Headless eCommerce?

Headless data storage means you can access and use your products’ data from any location, for any work process. Whether it’s your website, distributor, or your accounting department – the catalog is available for you in multiple forms. 

The centralized data location allows you to store, organize, optimize, distribute and re-use your products’ data,  for all the business processes. Depending on your business needs, your jewelry data will be adjusted, distributed, and presented in an optimal way, converting it into your main business asset. 


Jewelry PIM - your online foundation

Valigara’s foundation is a PIM  – Product Information Management system –  the modern set of tools,  built to help you manage the jewelry catalog online, and all the information effectively. Valigara’s PIM is the only software, created with precise requirements of the jewelry and diamonds industry.  

Your Online Jewelry Catalog

  • Cloud-based – access your jewelry catalog from any computer, mobile device, and browser
  • Fine-tuned for Jewelry and Gemstones
  • Powerful product search engine
  • Headless data storage – use and re-use your products information for all business processes
  • Bulk actions to operate large jewelry/diamonds catalogs
  • Create products directly in the system, or by importing them from any data source (such as Excel file, website, or marketplace)


Data Enhancement

Stepping into the online world requires lots of additional product information. To sell jewelry online you will require multiple Commercial titles, product Descriptions, SEO content, Tags, Search keywords and attributes, multiple Price levels, and many other jewelry parameters related to your online presence.

Valigara’s data generation tools  help you enhance your jewelry’s into a  matching online content, in just several clicks:

  • Title Generators: generate product Titles, Bullets, Tags, or any other 1-line content
  • Description Generators: generate texts, based on the jewelry information. These include text formatting (such as HTML or CSS) which makes it extremely useful for website owners. 
  • Formulas and Price Generators: calculate numeric values, such as Prices, Costs, Total Weights.
  • Flexible data structure – create custom fields to much your business needs. 
  • Support multiple Price levels, Titles, Costs
  • Muti-language support for your jewelry content
  • Powerful procedures to automate the data generation

Bulk Data Operations

The online catalog allows expanding your offering with virtual products (which can be generated by Valigara). With a large number of jewelry items online, the following tools help enhancing the products’ information in bulk:

  • Generate products and content in bulk
  • Copy data between different products and fields, quickly fill in new content
  • Sync and Distribute your data between multiple sales channels
  • Advanced products Images and Videos storage and processing 


Data Aggregation and Distribution

Multiple internal and external factors affect products’ data. Seasons, markets, current demand and supply, your marketing strategy, vendors, and many more.

Aggregate: Valigara offers pre-build data-feeds, and the ability to connect any custom feed, to automatically fetch the information from your vendors and suppliers. 

Distribute: Use more than 150 Valigara’s built-in integrations, or create custom data-feeds to make your products data work for you. 

  • Built-in Live Feeds
    • Gold and Metal Prices
    • Currency rates ($£€ and additional 150 more)
  • Connect custom feeds 
  • Scheduled data import/update
  • Flexible formats – support any format for the exported / 3rd party data
  • Import/export data through Valigara API
VCatalog – Valigara jewelry catalog and V-site

Your Online Jewelry Catalog system - Sell more, work smart.