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About Valigara

Valigara is the only multi-channel tool, specifically adjusted to jewellers’ needs.

Why? Because selling a chair, a smartphone and a diamond ring is not the same.

How? For every step of eCommerce operation we identify unique features, relevant to selling jewelry and gemstones online and provide effective solutions for each one of these cases, that create an advantage for you over your competitors, and help you sell jewelry better. Features such as 13 built-in gemstone parameters, certificates and watermarks handling, different settings for specific metals and more are examples of jewelry-specific highlights you can only use with Valigara.

Yes. You can sell your jewelry on marketplaces and simultaneously on your website. While managed by the Valigara Manager, your ecommerce jewelry website’s catalog and inventory is fully synchronized with external marketplaces like eBay,Etsy, and Amazon.

You can still decide which products are displayed on each sales channel. If you don’t have a website, you can even use Valigara to create your own website that will share the same inventory.

Valigara Jewelry Manager integrates with all major marketplaces, relevant for jewelers and diamond sellers. These include,, and other local eBay sites;,;;;;; The list is constantly growing, but you can find them at our Integrations page. 

The social marketing pack also includes channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumbler, Flickr. 

Valigara automatically creates your dedicated eCommerce minisite, with your online jewelry catalog and an extensive distributors module.

We know that wholesale plays an important role in online jewelry and diamonds sales. Valigara provides a complete set of tools for wholesale jewelry and diamond sales online like 

– separation for retail/wholesale clients
– online and PDF catalogs generator
– professional B2B eCommerce website
– dropshipping module made for jewelry
– integration with Rapnet

These tools cover multiple possible strategies, and open your wholesale business up to new options all under one roof.

Yes! You can select and manage as many languages as you need. You can also mix & match to define different languages for different text fields in the system, according to your selected languages. For example, using an English description for your jewelry on and a German one for

Yes. Valigara is specially designed to work with loose diamonds and gemstones. These can perform both as a stand-alone products and as a  jewelry material. 

Valigara provides multiple tools for working with diamonds, such as separate diamonds inventory management, virtual inventory, integration with GIA, work with parcels, and much more. 

Valigara is a one-stop solution. Our clients come from a different sides of the industry:
– jewelry manufacturers and retailers,
– established eCommerce professionals and businesses new to eCommerce
– large offline and online brands, retailers, and small jewelry businesses
– wholesale and retail businesses in spheres of fine jewelry, diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, gemstones and beeds. 

Pricing and account

There are several monthly plans available, each match different needs of small or larger businesses. The plans are mostly differentiated by the amount of items stored in our system, the number of marketplaces and stores you sell from, the amount of pictures and videos you upload and other parameters. 

You can find the exact specifications at our Pricing page, though we highly encourage you to get a personal demo session, to be sure which package matches your needs exactly.

Yes. You can upgrade to any one of our higher level plans or contact our sales department if you need something more than is listed.

SKUs that are counted in your account are the ones you have in the Valigara back-office. If you list your product on 10 channels it will be still counted as 1 product. 

You can also create sub-products in your account. These have individual SKU’s for each variation, while sharing same product data (inventory, prices, images etc.) These SKU’s are NOT counted for your package. 

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