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Valigara + Fetchy

Valigara Jewelry eCommerce Webinar April 2021

מה צריך לדעת כדי למכור תכשיטים בחו”ל?
עם גלעד סלינגר, מנכ”ל Fetchy ומומחה בשילוח בינ”ל
ואיגור נוסינוביץ’, מנכ”ל Valigara
ומומחה עולמי במסחר אלקטרוני בתכשיטים

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Valigara Jewelry eCommerce Webinar March2021

Valigara Jewelry eCommerce Webinar March 2021

In this expert session, Igor Nusinovich answered a lot of the questions that jewelers and drop shipping experts are dealing with: What are the main differences between single-channel selling and multi-channel eCommerce?
Are all online channels equally good for my jewelry? How do I identify the most relevant channels for my products?
How can I make the switch to a multi-channel operation?
How do I synchronize my online channels, listings and inventory?
What’s in multi-channel beyond my website and leading marketplaces?

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Jewelry eCommerce is Different

What makes Jewelry eCommerce different?

Specializing in software for jewelry eCommerce we at Valigara are often asked, why we are “limiting” ourself to this specific  industry. What is special in jewelry and diamonds eCommerce? What is it different from other industries? What special knowledge does it require to

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