Jewelry Management Software

When Jewelry Management Software meets eCommerce

Take your Jewelry Management Online

Running an effective jewelry eCommerce business starts with running an integrated and effective online Jewelry Management software. Synchronized with your eCommerce business, it takes your jewelry business to a new level. All the data is available and shareable for all marketplaces, you respond quickly to the stock changes, enjoy optimized logistics, and easily combine retail business with wholesale and distribution. This changes the game.

What are the ingredients of an effective online jewelry management software?


Create an effective back-office for jewelry and diamond online. Handle separate jewelry inventory and gemstones inventory. Multiple stock locations management. Create virtual inventory by automatically combining gemstones, metals, and sizes. Create and print custom barcodes for your inventory. And more, to manage your jewelry inventory online effectively.  

Make your jewelry and gemstones accessible for everyone, from everywhere. Engage with your buyers and distributors instantly. Create customized interactive jewelry catalogs, adjusted to the specific needs/occasions, in online and PDF form.  

Combine your retail and wholesale jewelry business, to reach maximum business opportunities. Easily take your jewelry and gemstones to Alibaba – the largest online wholesale marketplace. Define personalized pricing for your distributors.  

Issue all required legal documentation instantly. Integration with Quickbooks and GreenInvoice accounting systems allows you to have your invoices stored directly in order, for better reporting and customer service. 

Online Jewelry PIM system

Store, enhance, distribute, and automate your online jewelry catalog, with the modern, jewelry-specific Headless eCommerce tools.


Valigara’s Product Information Management (PIM) module provides a full back-office foundation for jewelers and diamond businesses online. 

Control how your jewelry travels the world. Monitor jewelry distribution between warehouses. Integrate with external fulfillment centers, with full automation of handling orders from all sales channels. Integrate shipping carriers for smooth delivery. Print shipping labels, packing slips, and stickers to minimize handwork and mistakes. 

Give special attention to your gemstones, as the most expensive part of your business. Sell it both as part of the jewelry and a separate product. Fully control gemstones stock and avoid overselling. Integrate with specialized marketplaces like Rapnet. support for 4C parameters and extended diamonds parameters such as overtone, polish, treatment, etc. 

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