Running jewelry business online is vast

As leaders in jewelry eCommerce, we create integrations and synchronized services, to assist you in any aspect you need.

We know that running your own online business is a lot of work.

As leaders in jewelry ecommerce, our integrations and synchronized services are available to assist you in any aspect you need.

Sales Channel Integrations

Sell on all leading channels, all from a single place.

Automate the management of all of your SKUs, jewelry product listings, and product inventory across channels and warehouses.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Regardless of what shopping cart platform you’re using, Valigara helps you save time and drive sales. Remember that none of the shopping carts were made specifically for jewelry. Valigara is. You don’t have to replace your current platforms and processes – we integrate to all leading shopping carts seamlessly, and make your life easier.

jewelry website
shopify Sell jewelry online
Magento 1 & 2

Shipping Integrations

Congratulations! You’ve sold a product. Or a thousand? We all know that the work’s not done yet.

Valigara integrates with all leading shipping and logistics platforms to help you keep track of your product deliveries.

Know where each package is at, and keep your customers informed with branded messaging, all from a single place, even if you use multiple shippers and delivery options on your online stores. We’ve got you covered.

Shipstation integration with Valigara
Royal Mail
Australia Post
Canada Post

…and 95 more shipping providers!

Jewelry Images Streaming & Management solutions

Jewelry eCommerce sets exceptionally high requirements for products’ visual assets management. Valigara empowers it’s extensive jewelry PIM section with multiple integrations to ensure your jewelry sparkle online!

Vision360 jewelry and diamonds photography and digital assets management
Sirv Jewelry Images Management

Marketing and Business tools Integrations

Running a jewelry business online consists of multiple tasks from all spheres of operation. Issuing invoices, fetching diamond parameters, printing documentation, running email marketing, and many others –  Valigara integrates the work with required software together and makes them work in synergy. 

QuickBooks integration with Valigara
GreenInvoice integration with Valigara
ChatGPT create jewelry content
LightSpeed integration with Valigara
ShopifyPOS integration with Valigara
Paypal for jewelry websites
Stripe for jewelry eCommerce

Diamonds and Jewelry ERP & EDI

Use the power of Valigara’s integration with numerous jewelry & diamond inventory systems. Smoothly expand from the classical diamonds ERP into online marketplaces and digital sales channels!

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